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Disney Plus unveils plans for future content, may hike subscription fee for users

Disney Plus Hotstar will add 10 Marvel series and 10 Star Wars series on its streaming platform in the coming years.

Pavni Jain | December 13, 2020 | Updated 10:28 IST


  • Disney will add 20 new Marvel and Star Wars series on its streaming platform in coming years.
  • Disney+ Hotstar will also have 15 full-length films which belong to Disney live-action genre.
  • The new titles on the streaming platform could also mean a hike in the subscription fee.

Disney Plus is a well-liked streaming platform for its exclusive content which includes Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar animation among others. Netflix and Amazon Prime do not have access to Disney films which is an opportunity for the streaming service. The company recently unveiled its plans for the future content saying that Disney Plus will have 20 new Marvel and Star Wars series.

Disney will add 10 Marvel series and 10 Star Wars series "over the next few years," on its streaming platform. Other than this, there will be 15 series and 15 feature-length films that belong to Disney live-action genre. In fact, some of the films that were slated for theatrical release will now make their way directly on the streaming platform.

The head of Disney's Media and Entertainment Distribution unit, Kareem Daniel, said that with the number of original exclusives on Disney Plus and the ongoing additions of theatrical films and library titles to its catalog, the service will be adding something new every week.

The company plans to add something new regularly, in the near future, to be more competitive in nature. But this could also result in a hiked subscription fee for the users. The company has already announced the raise in the fees for the United States. So there is a possibility that the same could happen in other countries.

Disney originally launched its streaming service for $6.99 in the States. In March of 2021, the subscription fee of Disney Plus will increase by $1 to $7.99. This will be the company's first price bump for its streaming service since the launch.

In India, Disney is in partnership with Hotstar and together the Disney+ Hotstar has about eight million subscribers in India. This is according to a report published by Tech Crunch in April, 2020. The head of international operations at Disney, Rebecca Campbell said, "India is a promising market opportunity. This is why we decided to launch Disney+ in conjunction with Hotstar to create a truly integrated entertainment experience for consumers in that market."

Being a profit-making market for Disney, the subscription fee for Indian users can certainly be increased in the coming year. However, this is mere speculation as the company didn't say anything officially. As per reports, Disney will expand its streaming services to other markets such as Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Eastern Europe in 2021.

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