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Facebook will now let users broadcast live on Messenger Rooms

Facebook has added a live broadcasting feature to Messenger Rooms where up to 50 participants can broadcast live through the platform.

twitter-logoYasmin Ahmed | July 24, 2020 | Updated 12:32 IST


  • Facebook will enable Messenger Rooms users to broadcast live on the platform.
  • This will be made possible by combining Facebook’s live feature and Messenger Rooms.
  • Up to 50 participants will be able to broadcast live through this feature.

Last month, Facebook upped its video-calling game by launching Messenger Rooms for up to 50 participants with or without a Facebook or a Messenger account. Now, Facebook has brought in a new feature that will enable Messenger Room users to broadcast live on the platform. Facebook aims at getting more engagement on the platform through this feature.

Users will thus be able to live stream with 50 participants on Messenger Rooms. Messenger Rooms will practically function with Facebook's live streaming product in combination to let users stream live.

"By bringing Messenger Rooms and Facebook Live together, we're unlocking new ways for people to connect and create content even when they're apart," Facebook said in a statement.

Facebook's sister company Instagram has a live feature that grew immensely popular in the backdrop of COVID-19. Live streaming became an indispensable tool for influencers, journalists, and people who wanted to collaborate with artists on the platform.

Facebook can cater to a similar audience through the live feature by combining Messenger Rooms and live broadcasting tools.

So how will the broadcast call work? Similar to most video conferencing apps, the creator or the host of the Messenger Rooms will act as the admin and will have control over the participants in the video call. These "creators" of the broadcast will also be able to control the viewers of the broadcast. Creators of the Messenger Rooms will be able to broadcast a call from their profile or timeline, a Facebook Page, or a Facebook Group. Creators can also add or remove participants, and they can lock calls to prevent nefarious activity on the site.

Facebook has noted that users can only choose to go live from Messenger Rooms if they are the creators of the room and are using the Google Chrome web browser.

To go live from Messenger Rooms on a computer users should follow these steps:

--From the Messenger Room, click on "Live" in the bottom right.

--Select the place of broadcasting the live video (to the creator's timeline, a page, or in a group).

--Select the audience.

--Wait for participants to confirm or leave the room. (The room cannot broadcast live until this step is completed. The room creator can remove participants who do not respond.)

--Click Start in the bottom right to go live.

--Click "Live" in the bottom right, then click End when users want to end the broadcast.

"Whether you're hosting a book club with friends, interviewing a panel of experts, teaching a fitness class, or broadcasting with your friends for fun, going live from a room makes it easy to have more interactive broadcasts with audiences of any size," Facebook said.

The new feature is already rolling out in some countries for Facebook Web. It will gradually be rolled out for Facebook and Messenger apps on mobile as well as the Messenger App on the web, Facebook noted.

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