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First look at Redmi K30 Pro: Pop-up camera still exists, updated design follows

A render of the alleged Redmi K30 Pro has been leaked online, showing the phone's pop-up selfie cameras and an updated design at the back.

twitter-logoAmritanshu Mukherjee | February 20, 2020 | Updated 12:29 IST
Redmi K30 Pro


  • The Redmi K30 Pro render shows a pop-up selfie camera.
  • Xiaomi may offer an AMOLED display on the K30 Pro.
  • The Redmi K30 Pro may also end up getting a dual flash setup for the main camera.

The Redmi K30 has been around for a while now and India also got it as the Poco X2. The K30 is essentially a successor to the Redmi K20 from last year and as conventions follow, there is bound to be a Redmi K30 Pro as the successor to the Redmi K20 Pro. Xiaomi has stayed tight-lipped about it so far but leaks keep revealing a thing or two about the phone. The latest leak shows us a render of what the Redmi K30 Pro could like and it seems it wasn't a hard job to make the render.

A tipster going by the Twitter handle name of @alga_kg has released a picture that claims to show the Redmi K30 Pro. The authenticity of the render is in question but if you want a start point for your imagination to leap, this could be a nice springboard. There was no doubt about the fact that the Redmi K30 Pro would share most of its design and components with the Redmi K30. However, compared to the difference between the Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro, the evolution on the Redmi K30 Pro is visible in many ways. That may also mean the Redmi K30 Pro could be an expensive affair.

If you are willing to believe this one, then the Redmi K30 Pro seems to be an interesting smartphone. The basic design and size is almost similar to the standard Redmi K30 but there are subtle differences. The regular K30 gets a bezel-less display with a dual punch-hole cutout for the two selfie cameras. The dual selfie cameras exist on the Redmi K30 Pro too, but they don't sit inside the display any more. Drawing a page from the K20 Pro's book, the K30 Pro uses a mechanised pop-up module for housing the two cameras.

The chin is also slimmer here, which suggests that the Pro variant will use an AMOLED panel instead of the IPS LCD panel on the K30. What remains to be seen is whether Xiaomi retains the 120Hz refresh rate from the K30 or downgrades it to a slightly lower 90Hz refresh rate keeping the costs in mind. The Mi 10 Pro currently is restricted to a 90Hz AMOLED panel and Xiaomi may use the same for the K30 Pro. The display might also house an in-display fingerprint sensor.

At the back, the design seems to be unchanged at first glance, with the circular shiny gradient around the camera still existing. There's a quad-camera system too but the arrangement is slightly different. There are three cameras inside the circle gradient whereas the fourth one is sitting outside it. Xiaomi may use the 64-megapixel camera from Sony as the main sensor. Weirdly, there are two flash modules on the camera - maybe this is stretching the imagination too far?

Chances are that this render might be a fake one but there's no doubt that the Redmi K30 Pro will be based around the K30 mostly. Given that it might end up with the Snapdragon 865 chip, it could be pricey and Xiaomi may give it some upgrades in the display and camera section to justify the premium.

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