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Galaxy Note likely to be discontinued, report says Samsung making no 2021 plans for it

Samsung could be discontinuing the Galaxy Note series as it wants to replace it with the Galaxy Z series of foldable phones.

Sushant Talwar | December 2, 2020 | Updated 13:43 IST


  • Samsung is planning to discontinue the Galaxy Note series of phones.
  • The Galaxy Note could be replaced with new foldable phones.
  • The S Pen is tipped to find space on the Galaxy S series phones.

Rumours about Samsung discontinuing its flagship, Galaxy Note line-up, seem to be picking up pace. While there have been reports in the past about Samsung bringing the series to an end next year, we now have another credible report from Reuters which cites three sources close to the matter to claim that Samsung will not launch Galaxy Note 20 devices starting next year.

In its report, the publication claims that at present Samsung has no plans to develop a new version of the Galaxy Note for 2021. While the report does not name any sources, it does add that with the Galaxy Note series gone, the Galaxy S series' top model, the S21, will instead get the Note's stylus. In fact, the stylus is also said to make way to the next version of Samsung's foldable phone which as per the report will be compatible with the accessory that will not be bundled with the device but sold separately.

Citing sources, the report adds that Samsung appears to be discontinuing the Galaxy Note line-up so that it can double down its resources on its flagship Galaxy S and foldable Galaxy Z series of phones.

As we mentioned above, this is not the first time that we are hearing about the Samsung discontinuing the Galaxy Note line-up. Earlier last month there were reports in the South Korean media about Samsung ditching the Note line-up in favour of its upcoming foldable phones.

As per a report published by Aju News, Samsung intends to launch the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in June next year which will be a major upgrade on the Galaxy Fold 2, and will feature S Pen support, and is also expected to come equipped with an under-display camera. The phone is expected to use second-generation Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG), to prevent scratches when the S Pen is used. The report also adds that Samsung is also working on a custom under-display camera solution for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 for bringing a truly full-screen experience.

However, many analysts believe that Samsung may not be simply choosing the foldable phone line-up over the Galaxy Note range of smartphones. Rather, the decision to bring the Galaxy Note line of devices to an end may be motivated by the declining profits in keeping it alive.

Speaking to Reuters, Tom Kang, an analyst at research firm Counterpoint, said sales of Samsung's Note series are expected to fall by a fifth to 8 million this year while sales of the S series are likely to drop by 5 million to less than 30 million. This is because "premium demand has decreased this year and many people are not looking for new products," he said. As such, it would make sense for Samsung to bring the much loved S-Pen to the Galaxy S series of phones, and drive up profits from the line-up in the coming year.

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