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Gmail search will now show users' alternate IDs while sending emails

Gmail has introduced a new feature that will make it convenient for users to send an email to alias email or alternative email IDs in one go.

twitter-logoYasmin Ahmed | February 16, 2021 | Updated 16:19 IST


  • Gmail users can now send emails in one go to alias email IDs without having to search multiple times.
  • Aliases are alternate email IDs or addresses for receiving mail used in addition to a user's primary address.
  • Google notes that with this change, searching will be easier and results more comprehensive, as users won’t need to remember all of someone’s aliases.

Gmail has introduced a feature that will save on users' time when they search for an email ID on the platform. Gmail will show users all alias email IDs when they search for an email ID through Search in Gmail. Google notes that this will show comprehensive results to users as they will not have to remember all email aliases of a sender and can send an email in one go. An alias email ID is an alternate address for reciveing mails.

"An email alias is an alternate address for receiving mail, used in addition to a user's primary address. There are many reasons why someone may use an alias email address such as official name changes, preferred names, company rebrands, acquisitions and subsidiaries," Google noted about the feature in a blog post. The feature is now available for all users.

"When you search for an email address in Gmail, we'll now show all emails associated with that specific address and any aliases its part of," Google noted in a blog post. The search results will be pulled from the 'to', 'from', 'cc', and 'bcc' fields, or anywhere in the email. As per the company, this feature will apply to multiple inbox sections based on search queries that have an email.

"With this change, searching will be easier and results more comprehensive, as users won't need to remember all of someone's aliases and run multiple searches for each," the company notes.

Gmail users can also tweak their Settings if they want to include an alias email ID which Google notes that "typically treats it the same as your original Gmail address." Users can select the "Treat as an alias" box if users want mail sent to either address to arrive in the same Gmail inbox. On the other hand, when users send mail, they can choose which address to send from. Recipients see that the mail came from whichever address they choose.

To set an alias ID, follow the given steps:

-- Sign in to Gmail.

-- In the top right, select Settings.

-- Click the Accounts and Import or Accounts tab.

-- In the "Send mail as" section, find the address and click edit info.

-- Check the Treat as an alias option.

-- Select Save.

As per Google, the update is now available to all users including Google workspace essentials, business starter, business standard, business plus, enterprise essentials, enterprise standard, and enterprise plus, as well as G suite basic, business, education, enterprise for education, and nonprofits customers.

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