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Google Meet users for web can now enable the noise cancellation feature or denoiser

In April, Google, in one of the blogs had stated that it would bring out the noise cancellation feature and it is rolling out now for GSuite users.

twitter-logoYasmin Ahmed | June 9, 2020 | Updated 19:13 IST
(Source: Google)


  • Serge Lachapelle, G Suite director of product management, demonstrated how the denoiser works in a video.
  • The noise-cancelling feature christened as the denoiser cancels everything that is not speech.

Google Meet users can now enable the AI powered noise cancellation feature for enhanced video calling experience. With the feature going live, everything else is background noise, not quite literally though.

A report by VentureBeat first noted the development. The rollout is gradual so some users might get the feature until later this month. It will first get activated for web users and will later go on to mobile users.

Christened as the "Cloud denoiser," the feature blocks all background noise.

Serge Lachapelle, G Suite director of product management, demonstrated how the denoiser works in a video. He shows the sounds made by a snack bag, a clicking pen and rotating a metal object in a glass. He is successfully able to cancel the sounds.

Lachapelle in the video states that the noise-cancelling feature can also filter out other background distractions such as dogs barking, kids crying, and applause.

The report states that the noise cancellation feature uses a machine learning model that is capable of understanding the difference between noise and speech. To filter out background noise, a sender's voice is sent from his device to a Google data center, which is where it goes through the machine learning model. Once the processing is completed, it gets re-encrypted and sent back to the Google Meet call.

In April, Google, in a blog had stated about the noise cancellation feature with a couple of other features. "To help limit interruptions to your meeting, Meet can now intelligently filter out background distractionsólike your dog barking or keystrokes as you take meeting notes. Noise cancellation will begin rolling out in the coming weeks to G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education customers starting with web users and later to mobile users."

The report states that the controls of handling the noise-cancelling feature lies in the hands of the sender. Generally, users can mute themselves on Google Meet calls. Using settings, they can also mute the others.

However, the noise cancellation feature works only in the case of sender. This means that the receiver cannot control noise cancellation for what they hear.

Here is how users on the web can enable the noise cancellation feature or the denoiser:

--Go to Google Meet
--Click on Settings
--Go to audio
The noise cancellation option is enabled by default.

Users can disable it according to their preference. The denoiser will be enabled for web users first and later for android and iOS users.

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