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Google Play Music to become defunct this year, users will need to shift to YouTube Music

Google, through a YouTube blog post, has said that Google Play Music will become inaccessible this year. It has added a transfer button to YouTube Music as replacement.

twitter-logoYasmin Ahmed | May 13, 2020 | Updated 13:08 IST
(Source: YouTube)


  • Google Play Music will become defunct later this year. YouTube music will act as its replacement.
  • A transfer tool has been provided on YouTube Music app so that Google Play users can shift their music content.
  • The transfer tool will help users move content easily without the hassle of starting from scratch.

If you have a habit of using Google Play Music, you may want to start adapting to YouTube Music. Google Play Music is slated to become defunct later this year. In one of YouTube's official blog posts, Google has stated that Google Play Music users will not have access to the app by later this year.

To make it convenient for the users, the app has brought in a transfer button to YouTube Music app. Users can now transfer all their data to YouTube music without going through the hassle of starting from scratch.

YouTube in an official blog post noted, "Starting today, we're excited to officially begin inviting Google Play Music listeners to effortlessly transfer their music libraries, personal taste preferences and playlists to YouTube Music, their new home for music listening and discovery."

For now, both the apps are available for users but Google has made sure that it gives Google Play Music users a heads up.

Moreover, it is giving Google Play Music users the time and the tools to transfer music, podcasts, etc to YouTube Music, the app which Google has been trying to make the only go-to place for music. It is evident from the blog post which states that YouTube Music will be users 'new home.'

"We want to ensure everyone has time to transfer their content and get used to YouTube Music, so we'll provide plenty of notice ahead of users no longer having access to Google Play Music later this year," the blog post read.

To transfer music from Google Play to Youtube Music, iOS or Android users must have the YouTube Music app. They must then click on the transfer button on the same app. Users' music library including uploads, purchases, songs, albums, playlists, curated stations will then be moved.

Users will get notifications or emails when their music library is transferred to the app.

Podcast users can visit to transfer their episodes and subscriptions.

YouTube Music has added new features after getting feedback from Google Play Music users. Some of these are:

Playlist creation: YouTube Music's playlist can have 5000 songs as compared to Google Music Play whose playlist could hold only up to 1000 songs.

Uploaded music: There has also been an increase in the number of songs that can be uploaded or purchased. It has been increased up to 1,00,000 tracks as against 50,000 tracks which could be added on Google Play Music.

Besides this, offline music, lyrics and Explore tab are some of the features that have been worked on for YouTube Music.

The price for YouTube Music will remain the same as Google Play Music, the blog noted. Alternatively, users can also get a YouTube Premium subscription and get access to the YouTube Music app.

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