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Google to add new battery features and personal safety tools on Pixel phones

The Pixel smartphones will support the Personal Safety feature, which was launched with the Pixel 4 series back in October last year. The battery optimisations have also been added to the Adaptive Battery feature.

twitter-logoShubham Verma | June 2, 2020 | Updated 16:05 IST


  • Google Pixel phones are getting new features for battery, personal safety, and recorder app.
  • The personal safety features now support safety check tool.
  • The car crash detection feature is coming to Pixel 3 smartphones, as well.

Google's Pixel smartphones pack more features than most other smartphones that run stock Android. The company has also maintained a steady pace for the rollout of software updates on the Pixel phones. Some of these updates bring new features and the latest rollout is one of them. Pixel phones are now getting battery enhancements, a new bedtime mode, updated voice recording, and addition of more features dedicated to Personal Safety.

First off, Google's personal safety feature that is exclusively available for Pixel phones is getting a new "safety check" tool that will check on you when you are alone and may need assistance. The "safety check" tool will allow you to check-in when you are about to go out for a walk or a run alone. It will keep a track of the time you spent during that check-in and accordingly prompt you to tell if you are okay.

You can dismiss the prompt by replying to it, or sending your location to emergency contacts and 911 in the US. In case, there is no response within a minute, the tool will alert emergency contacts and share your real-time location with them on Google Maps. Although, it does not call 911 automatically.

The safety check feature is available only in the US for now, Google said. The personal safety feature, meanwhile, has been expanded to all the Pixel devices while the car detection feature will arrive on Pixel 3 soon. The Personal Safety feature debuted with Pixel 4 series last year.

Google is also making important changes to the Adaptive Battery feature to allow the battery to last longer before charging is needed next. The feature on Pixel 2 or higher models will now predict when the battery is going to run out and begins killing apps and other functionalities that are running in the background. This means that most apps and background activities that are not being used will be restricted from consuming power when the battery is nearing complete exhaustion.

While this feature will not increase the battery life from the hardware viewpoint, it will definitely make the battery last longer than it used to previously on eligible Pixel devices.

Google's latest implementation brings Android closer to iOS in terms of battery-saving features with the addition to bedtime. The bedtime feature lets the phone log-in sleep data for each day and analyse it to offer you better suggestions. As soon as you are supposed to go to bed, bedtime feature will begin playing calming sounds and restrict interruptions from notifications. You can choose to bypass default settings. If you stay awake beyond your sleeping time registered in the app, you will get a snapshot of the time you are spending past bedtime and on what apps.

The latest features also include those added to the Recorder app. The app now supports start, stop, and search functions with Google Assistant. You will need to say "Hey, Google" or "Ok, Google" before giving commands. The transcription of recordings can now be saved to Google Docs directly for easy sharing with contacts.

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