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Huawei tipped to launch HMS-powered V30 Pro, new foldable phones on February 24

The Huawei Mobile Services will first be seen on the Honor V30 and V30 Pro that are scheduled to be launched on February 24.

Sushant Talwar | February 18, 2020 | Updated 13:08 IST
Huawei Mate Xs


  • Huawei is tipped to launch the Mate Xs on February 24
  • The company is also said to launch HMS based Huawei V30 and V30 Pro
  • Huawei Mobile Services is expected to replace Google's suite of services from future Huawei phones

After a tumultuous 2019, phone maker Huawei is looking at turning things around in 2020. However, it may not end up being an easy task. The reason for this is Huawei's ongoing troubles with the US government which has imposed sanctions on the company.

The company currently isn't allowed to use the Google suite of products, thereby cutting it off from Google services. However, the company appears to be taking the challenge head-on and is all set to launch its first devices with its in-house substitute, the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).

The service will first be seen on the Honor V30 and V30 Pro that are scheduled to be launched on February 24. They will be launched with services including Huawei ID, Huawei Mobile Cloud, Huawei AppGallery, Huawei Video, Huawei Themes, Huawei ScreenMagazine, and Huawei Browser.

While there is no clear info on this, the Huawei Mobile Services are also expected to be seen on Mate 30 Pro as well as some Honor phones in the future.

Apart from this, Huawei is also tipped to launch a new foldable device on February 24. The company is tipped to unveil this product at the vitual press conference. The company is said to stream a pre-recorded launch session where it could unveil new laptops, TV and phones.

One of these phones, Gizmochina claims, could be a foldable device. The new foldable phone could be the Huawei Mate Xs that was announced back in October 2019.

The Mate Xs is said to feature a similar design as the Mate X with similar Leica-branded cameras. In December, the company stated that the Mate Xs would feature a more durable screen and improved hinge design.

We've also heard rumours about the Mate Xs offering an "almost 100% crease-free experience" using an ultra-thin glass, the likes of which we may have already seen with the Galaxy Z Flip. Though more of a competitor to the Galaxy Fold, the Mate Xs would also prove to be competition to the Galaxy Z Flip.

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