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Intel launches its fastest ever 10th Gen Comet Lake-H CPUs for gaming laptops

The company has launched a total of six new CPUs. The flagship of the lot, Core i9-10980HK offers 5.3GHz of peak boost frequency.

Sushant Talwar | April 2, 2020 | Updated 13:57 IST
Intel i9


  • Intel's new CPUs are designed for bringing high-end gaming to laptops
  • The new range offers six new processors
  • The processors have been launched under the Comet Lake-H line-up

Taking on the challenge posed by AMD's Ryzen CPUs, chipmaker Intel has now launched six new processors all under its Comet Lake-H 10th generation mobile processors line-up.

The new processors are one of the fastest ever created by Intel and offer up to eight cores and 16 threads. However, what's most interesting is the fact that the fastest of the lot, Core i9-10980HK also offers 5.3GHz of peak boost clock speed.

This boost frequency is not only the fastest for a mobile processor by the company, but is also faster than what it offers at default with its top-of-the-line i9-9900KS desktop CPU. They are created using the company's 14nm manufacturing process and as per the company are mobile processors that focus great gaming performance.

The processor also gets 16MB of Smart Cache and eight cores and 16 threads. It is also unlocked, thereby allowing for overclocks and dual-channel memory support for DDR4 RAM running at a maximum of 2933mhz.

Apart from this top-end i9 model, there are five other models in the new 10-generation Comet Lake range which span across the company's i7 and i5 tiers. All of them appear to be quite powerful processors, with 4 of the 6 new chips boasting of a turbo clock speed that's in excess of 5ghz.

However, it will be prudent to note that these 4 processors make use of a new feature Thermal Velocity Boost, to achieve these 5ghz and above speeds. The feature largely appears to be dependent on the processors remaining cool even as they touch high speeds. As such, when it comes to their real-world performance, a lot would depend on the thermal performance of the particular laptop they are fitted in.

With the new processors, Intel will be looking to take on the challenge being posed by AMD which recently launched its Ryzen 4000 processors for laptops. It will be interesting to see how this fight pans out as Intel is promising its chips on over 100 new laptops in the coming months.

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