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Social networking site Facebook on October 4 crossed the 1-billion users mark, with the CEO marking the milestone on his page too.

It said those billion users were to date responsible for 1.13 trillion 'likes', 219 billion photos and 17 billion location check-ins.
Facebook on Thursday unveiled this new service in the US and will it out across the world gradually.
According to Google, the number of active users on Google Plus has crossed 100 million mark.
Twitter has steadfastly refused to block the 28 web pages whose removal was sought by the government three days ago.
Members in both Houses of Parliament alleged that the social networking sites were being used to spread wrong, distorted and provocative content.
The problem with many of us who think access to the Net is our natural right and any attempt to stop us from doing so is a violation of our freedom of expression.
The service allows users to send text messages to mobile phones using Gmail Chat, responses to which will appear as replies in Gmail Chat.
Facebook will remove content, block pages or even disable accounts of those users who upload contents that incite violence or perpetuate hate speech.
The sites were found hosting inflammatory and hateful content, spreading rumours and inciting violence targeting people from North-East.
The rebuke resolves the FTC's allegations that Google Inc. duped millions of Web surfers who use Apple Inc.'s Safari browser.