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US regulators are reviewing rules for private companies after an investment deal between Facebook and Goldman helped the social networking giant delay going public, says a report.

Facebook receives a new round of investment that values the social media firm at $50bn, making it worth more than Time Warner, eBay or Yahoo.
The planned cuts, representing up to 5 per cent of the overall workforce of 14,100 employees, are aimed at Yahoo's products unit, the media report said.
According to Bloomberg, the social network's latest valuation, makes it the country's third-largest online business after Google and Amazon.
Google sues the US Department of the Interior alleging that the federal agency favoured rival Microsoft while considering bids for e-mail.
Facebook was the most visited in the US, with 8.9 per cent of all visits between January and November 2010, according to an online measurement service provider.
Google, which has been branded as a free consumer brand, is now all set to offer paid customised services to corporate houses in India.
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Here are some free web applications that can help improve your productivity by pruning out work warts and reducing security concerns.