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Facebook Messenger's new feature might help deal with your internet bills

Facebook has launched a new feature for the Messenger, that will help curb those dangerously expensive data plans.

The Yahoo-data leak exposes 500 million subscribers all over the world. Here are a few simple steps to safeguard your account. 
Facebook had met with severe criticism for its programme, which aimed at providing basic Internet access to people in partnership with telecom operators.
Facebook's Free Basics plan came in from major criticism from experts who alleged that it curbed one's freedom to access the internet of their choice.
Apple has acquired a new machine-learning company, Tuplejump, based in India/US.
Vacations are meant for switching off from the internet and the rest of the world to relax, but not for Indians!
The one-time trendsetter is struggling to remain relevant, leaving it with 320 million monthly users - roughly one-fifth the size of Facebook.
TRAI said that Internet service providers would not be allowed to discriminate on pricing of data access for different web services.