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iPhone 9 March launch delay possible due to Coronavirus outbreak, Chinese factories may close

Apple's contract manufacturers are rumoured to halt production of all iPhone models from China in view of the Coronavirus outbreak.

twitter-logo Amritanshu Mukherjee   New Delhi     Last Updated: January 28, 2020  | 18:08 IST
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  • The iPhone production can be affected with the Coronavirus outbreak.
  • Apple's contract manufacturers have facilities based in China that are nearby to the epic center of virus.
  • Apple is rumoured to get the first batch of iPhone 9 manufactured in China.

The Coronavirus outbreak has startled most countries around the world and China is the one that's been affected the worst. However, the virus outbreak is not only affecting humans but all the other industries that are based out of China. The manufacturing industry is expected to get affected the most if the authorities decide to close public spaces. If that happens, you can also expect the upcoming iPhone 9 launch to get delayed.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple's iPhone production could be affected the most if the virus outbreak isn't contained in China. Apple's top contract manufacturers - Wistron and Foxconn, have most of their manufacturing facilities based in China. In fact, both Foxconn and Wistron have their manufacturing facilities located near Shanghai and Zhengzhou are only around 500 Kms from Wuhan, which is the epic center of the outbreak.

Even though the distance is enough, Bloomberg says it's not enough to neutralise the effects of the virus. Coronavirus causes cold, fever, cough and other ailments and it can be quite deadly if now treated properly. There is still no treatment to this illness and the only way to stay safe it to prevent getting contaminated with it.

A majority of Apple's manufacturing happens in China and the virus outbreak could seriously affect the iPhone supplies to most markets. According to another report, Apple has made an order for up to 65 million of its older iPhone models and up to 15 million units of the upcoming iPhone 9.

However, the Bloomberg report also states that Foxconn might have a plan to keep its supplies unaffected. "Foxconn said it is monitoring the situation in China and following all recommended health practices. It declined to comment on production in specific locations but said, we can confirm that we have measures in place to ensure that we can continue to meet all global manufacturing obligations," says the report.

As of now, neither Apple or any of its contract manufacturers have said anything regarding production delays. Hence, given the current status, you can still expect to see the iPhone 9 launch by March and hit shelves soon after. The iPhone 9 is Apple's another outing as an affordable smartphone to tackle the flagship killer Android phones.

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