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iPhone SE 2020 cameras found as good as iPhone XR's in DxOMark review

The iPhone SE 2020 was launched earlier this year as a cheaper version of iPhone 11 but its cameras are more like the iPhone XR's.

twitter-logoShubham Verma | June 29, 2020 | Updated 11:11 IST


  • The iPhone SE 2020 has got an overall score of 101 by DxOMark.
  • The best thing about the performance of iPhone SE 2020 camera is its metering exposure.
  • The potrait mode and zoom capabilities on iPhone SE 2020 are underwhelming.

iPhone SE 2020 was launched back in May as a cheaper version of iPhone 11 in the body of iPhone 8. Most of the innards on the iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone 11 are the same, yet they have clear distinctions, owing to the steep difference in their price. Now, DxOMark has found out the cameras iPhone SE 2020 are more like the ones on iPhone XR. In its rigorous testing, DxOMark found the iPhone SE 2020 cameras can produce good exposure but an underwhelming zoom and bokeh effect. The overall score of the iPhone SE 2020 camera is 101, which is similar to that of iPhone XR.

The iPhone SE 2020 has a 12-megapixel f/1.8 sensor with OIS, PDAF, autofocus, and 5X digital zoom -- which is also seen on the iPhone XR. A breakup of the 101 scores given DxOMark reveals the iPhone SE 2020 managed to get 103 for photo and 98 for video capturing skills. For its photography, the iPhone SE 2020 has been found to render a good metering exposure in photos along with better colour accuracy. The iPhone SE 2020 has performed well for daylight shots with good contrast and HDR, which works for both outdoor and indoor shots.

DxOMark has especially lauded the colour balance and saturation brought about in the photos by iPhone SE 2020 cameras. "Color is a nice strength for the iPhone SE (2020), and particularly in outdoor images, color rendering is always pleasant," said DxOMark in its review. The autofocus is fast and reliable for daylight photography while the cameras focused on the sharpness for the images shot in low light.

Despite having scored well in some areas, the iPhone SE 2020 camera could not impress DxOMark for its zoom and bokeh effect. "The iPhone SE (2020) is not the device for you if you're interested in high-quality zoom shots," said DxOMark while citing the lack of a dedicated telephoto lens for the poor performance. The magnification up to 2X brings out acceptable results but a zoom beyond this point takes a toll on details in the photograph. Another bad aspect of the iPhone SE 2020 cameras is its ability to produce portrait modes. The portrait mode shots are inconsistent and spotty most of the times, if not always.

For its selfie camera, which is a 7-megapixel f/2.2 fixed focus lens, the iPhone SE 2020 has scored overall 84 points, out of which 85 is for photos and 83 for the videos. The target exposure on the photographs shot using the selfie camera is good while the white balance has been found to be accurate by DxOMark. The portrait mode on the selfie cameras is average, while the simulated background blur is "handled well" by the cameras.

The iPhone SE 2020 is a good balance between the iPhone 11 and the last-generation X-series of iPhone, DxOMark has said. However, everything from the camera specifications to the camera performance on the iPhone SE 2020 is more inclined towards the iPhone XR than the iPhone 11.

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