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JioMeet video platform gets new layout options, add-ins from Microsoft Teams

The new set of features include add-ins for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook.JioMeet is also getting support for more layout options for video meetings, including speaker video and gallery view with 9 participants.

twitter-logoIndia Today Tech | May 11, 2021 | Updated 17:34 IST


  • JioMeet is rolling out new functionality for small business and enterprise users.
  • It will enable users to sign in from Teams directly and will help them schedule meetings using Outlook.
  • JioMeet supports 24 hours of video calling and is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

JioMeet, the video calling software, has added a set of features that will especially come in handy to small businesses and enterprises. The new set of features include add-ins for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook. This would enable small businesses that use Microsoft Teams to plan and join JioMeet calls. Users will be able to download Jio Meet which is available within Teams and allows users to join JioMeet from Teams itself.

Additionally, the Outlook add-on will enable users to plan and schedule video meetings from within their email client interface. Users will be able to schedule and plan meetings from here and it gets added to JioMeet as well as Outlook calendars. Users will have to download the "JioMeet on Outlook" add-on from the Outlook Add-in store for this.

Moreover, users can hide or show participants in a video meeting through a single click option. JioMeet is also getting support for more layout options for video meetings, including Speaker video and Gallery view with 9 participants in a grid format as well as the ability to pin a particular participant.

The JioMeet app was introduced last July and is available for Android and iPhone users, and on computing devices like iPad and macOS users. JioMeet users can sign up with their email ID or phone number. As of now, JioMeet supports nine active members on a single mobile screen. The app is available on Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore. If users want to download the JioMeet app on the desktop they can do so by going on

JioMeet has features like setting one's own meeting password to facilitate recurring meetings such as school classes and daily meetings. JioMeet users can also enlarge and pin a meeting participant by double-clicking the participant video. It supports HD audio and video call quality with up to 100 participants and offers features like screen sharing, meeting schedule features, among others. JioMeet users can also switch from one device to another without dropping out of the call.

JioMeet allows up to 24 houses of free video conferencing and can log in from multiple devices simultaneously. Further, to avoid security issues on video calling like zoom-bombing, JioMeet has encrypted and password-protected video calls, further it does not allow guests from joining a meeting without sign-in and disclosing their identity.

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