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Apple WWDC 2018 Highlights: Apple launches new iOS 12, macOS Mojave and more

At its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple launched the iOS 12 with emphasis on performance, new apps and better AR utility. Along with it, the Cupertino tech giant also unveiled latest iterations of macOS, watchOS and tvOS during the event.

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Apple WWDC 2018 Highlights: Apple launches new iOS 12, macOS Mojave and more

Apple took the wraps off new software updates for its devices at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 today. The event at San Jose Conventione Centre in San Jose, California saw the launch of iOS 12 for iPhones and iPads, macOS Mojave for the Mac line of computers, along with watchOS 5 and tvOS 12.

The software updates announced today will be available to users during fall, whereas a developer beta versions were made available right after the keynote address.

LIVE Updates:

12:42 pm: The updates will be available to users this fall, says Tim Cook, adding that developers' beta will be available after the keynote address.

12:39 pm: Taken some key points from iOS and brought them to macOS, says Federighi. This option will be available to developers in 2019.

12:35 pm: Create ML will allow developers to train their models using machine learning on right on their Mac devices. Improved Core ML 2 also announced.

12:34 pm: External GPU support added to macOS for better graphic performance on Mac devices.

12:32 pm: Microsoft will bring Office 360 to the new Mac App Store soon. Adobe's Lightroom CC and more will also be available soon.

12:29 pm: All new Mac App Store comes with the new macOS Mojave. Helpful recommendations and tips and tricks related to applications will also be available.

12:25 pm: Safari on macOS Mojave will now ask for your permission before you interact with a webpage through a like button or comment fields. Trackers will also be impeded via Safari on macOS Mojave.

12:22 pm: News, Stocks, and Voice Memo now also available on iMacs and MacBook with macOS Mojave.

12:21 pm: Continuity Camera on macOS allows images taken from iPhones to be implanted right into files on a iMac or MacBook.

12:17 pm: Quick Look on macOS Mojave now gives the option to mark up images and documents. This allows users to do things like add a signature to a PDF document in Quick Look.

12:16 pm: Improved Finder on macOS Mojave brings more options for image preview, including extensive details pane, quick actions, among other things.

12:14 pm: Fed up with messy desktops!? macOS Mojave with Desktop Stacks to the rescue. The feature organises items on the desktop according to item type for easier operations.

12:13 pm: The Dark mode extends to all - e-mails, desktop, even the Xcode window

12:10 pm: The next release of macOS is macOS Mojave. And it comes with a Dark mode, which will make photographs look better, especially helful for professionals, says Federighi.

12:09 pm: Craig Federighi is back with the new macOS.

12:08 pm: Next up is the Mac, says Tim Cook as he returns to the stage.

12:04 pm: Apple TV can be controlled easily with iPhones now

12:03 pm: Apple brings easy sign up with Zero sign-up without the need for any credential. The feature will be released in US for now, and will be later offered in other markets.

11:57 pm: Apple TV 4K announced to come with Dolby Atmos that will come with room-filling audio experience. And Apple promises to bring the largest Atmos collection soon.

11:47 pm: Apple Watch gets interactive notifications and a web kit to open web links with watchOS 5.

11:45 pm: Siri Watch Face on watchOS 5 now comes with support for new apps, showing relevant information on your Apple Watch.

11:43 pm: watchOS 5 brings Walkie Talkie app to Apple Watch which allows voice messages. It works with both cellular and Wi-Fi connections.

11:41 pm: New excersice categories - yoga and hiking - added with watchOS 5. Start Alerrs for workouts.

11:38 pm: In watchOS 5, you can challenge any of your Activity partner to a seven-day Challenge, completing which gets you Awards.

11:35 pm: Next up is Apple Watch. It grew 60 per cent during 2017, Tim Cook says as he arrives on stage with the next leg of Apple WWDC 2018.

11:33 pm: Fun effects now also available with Facetime camera.

11:30 pm: Group Facetime with iOS 12 will now allow group video chats with up to 30 participants.

11:28 pm: Fun effects now available with iMessages which also incorporates Animoji and Memoji.

11:24 pm: Improved Animojis and Memojis are something to look out for. Either make your own avatar with Memoji, or play with the Animoji which now replicate even your tongue sticking out.

11:22 pm: App Limits for kids allows parents to keep a watch and control what their kids watch on their Apple devices.

11:16 pm: Here comes Apple's solution to smartphone addiction with iOS 12. First in a line-up of features is Do Not Disturb which holds back notifications during sleep time. Next is Instant Tuning which allows users to control how many notifications they get right at the lock screen. Notifications will also be grouped not only by app but categories. Lastly, Screen Time gives you an insight into how you used your device with Reports. Also, self-administered parental lock for grown-ups, decide how long you use an application with App Limit.

11:15 pm: Apple CarPlay to support third-party navigation from now on.

11:14 pm: iBooks rechristened as Apple Books.

11:13 pm: Stocks and Voice Memo apps coming to iPads with iOS 12.

11:13 pm: Now Stocks app on iOS 12 to show latest business news from Apple News.

11:11 pm: News app on iOS 12 pulls news items from credible news sources, handpicked by Apple News editiorial team.

11:06 pm: Create your own shortcuts with the Shortcuts app on iOS 12.

11:05 pm: Shortcuts also allows Siri to make suggestions useful for you daily life on your lock screen.

11:04 pm: With Shortcuts, now all apps can expose Siri to shortcuts, Federighi.

11:02 pm: Fedrighi now explaining the new search features that come with iOS 12.

10:57 pm: Playing with Legos taken to a while new level with 3D object detection. Some developers must be having a trip down the memory lane.

10:55 pm: The share experience feature of AR Kit 2 will allow users to share a common space in augemented reality.

10:52 pm: AR Kit 2 announced for develpers. It comes with improved face tracking, realistic rendering, 3D object detection, and more.

10:51 pm: New app Measure: As the name suggests, the Measure app will use the pre-existing sensors on a smartphone to make accurate measurements. The user will just have to use the camera and point it at an object to measure them.

10:51 pm: Federighi is back on stage and is showing how AR using USDZ can be used in day-to-day life.

10:48 pm: Bringing native USDZ support to Adobe Creative Cloud, annoucnes Abhay Parasnis, CTO, Adobe.

10:46 pm: Created a new file extension with Pixar for AR (augmented reality) file, called USDZ.

10:43 pm: Apps launch time made 40 per cent faster, keyboard made 50 per cent faster, camera 70 per cent faster on older devices with iOS 12.

10:43 pm: We are doubling down on performance with iOS 12, Federighi, adding that the latest iOS update will be support the entire list of iOS 11 devices

10:40 pm: Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President, Software Engineering, Apple comes to stage to announce the latest updates that will come with iOS 12.

10:40 pm: Today is all about software, Cook says.

10:37 pm: Developers' earning through App Store will soon reach $100 billion, says Cook.

10:35 pm: Tim Cook takes the stage with a greeting to developers from 77 countries gathered at the San Jose Convention Centre.

10:33 pm: "And so it begins." The video at the begging on Apple WWDC 2018 keynote address puts a National Geographic-esque spin on developers.

10:31 pm: Here comes the intro to the Apple WWDC 2018 keynote address.

10:28 pm: The keynote address by Apple chief Tim Cook is about to start. The live stream is on, the audience in San Jose Convention Centre, San Jose, California is settling in, and we are about to begin anytime.

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