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WhatsApp launches push-to-talk voice messaging

WhatsApp announced the availability of the feature while announcing that it has now hit the 300-million monthly active users mark.

BT Online Bureau   New Delhi     Last Updated: August 7, 2013  | 17:23 IST

In a bid to regain its market share, messenger service WhatsApp has launched push-to-talk voice messaging service for its users.

The company announced the availability of this new feature while announcing that it has now hit the 300-million monthly active users mark.

WhatsApp has started rolling out the voice messaging feature for its apps on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia.

Considered the most widespread messenger service, WhatsApp has of late been struggling against competitors which brought new features like voice calling and voice messaging, promoted by some aggressive marketing.

However, according to AllThingsD, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum wants to focus on the smaller picture rather than dive into more advanced features and options. The voice feature was apparently a pet project of Koum with the team working on it since 6 months. "We really are excited about this functionality," he said. "We think it is going to be awesome," the CEO gushed.

WhatsApp has made sending push-to-talk messages simpler too.

"With the updated WhatsApp, a user pushes to record a message rather than type one. When she lets go, the message sends. If she decides not to send, she swipes to the left and the recording is deleted. All that is built into a single tap," reports AllThingsD. Also, there is no time length limit when recording a message.

The voice messaging update lets users see when the person they are communicating with has heard their recording. There is also a blue microphone illustration to indicate when a message has been played.

The report further says that WhatsApp users now send 11 billion messages and receive 20 billion messages per day - up from 27 billion total in June. Koum shared WhatsApp users share 325 million photos per day.

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