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Leica M10-R camera launches in India at Rs 6,95,000, features 40MP image sensor

Leica adds another member to its M series cameras called Leica M10-R where 'R' stands for resolution.

Pavni Jain | July 16, 2020 | Updated 19:41 IST


  • Leica launches Leica M10-R camera model in India.
  • Leica M10-R features a 40-megapixel coloured image sensor.
  • Leica M10-R looks similar to Leica M10 camera with a signature red dot.

Leica announced Leica M10 Monochrom camera which only clicks black-and-white photos early this year. Today, the German camera maker revealed its new product through an online-only event. Leica launched Leica M10-R camera with a 40-megapixel image sensor.

In the new Leica camera model M10-R, the 'R' stands for resolution. The company says that Leica M10-R has more megapixels than any of the M series cameras. Leica M10 Monochrom also features a 40-megapixel image sensor but lacks colours in the photos. This is what makes Leica M10-R coloured image sensor a standout feature. Catching up with the pixel-race, the new M10-R boasts massive 16 million pixels.

Leica claims that its new M10-R will not compromise in low-light conditions when compared to its predecessors which feature 24-megapixel sensors.

Leica M10-R looks similar to the M10 camera model which was launched in the year 2017. The new M10-R carries Leica's signature red dot. If we go by the technical details, Leica M10-R is similar to an expensive M10-P camera model with added features.

Leica M10-R will be available in India starting from August. The M10-R camera model is priced at Rs 6,95,000.

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