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Mi Notebooks too costly? Redmibook models may come for less than Rs 20,000 soon

Xiaomi is rumoured to be working on affordable Redmibook models with low-end processors and custom Indian designs.

twitter-logoAmritanshu Mukherjee | June 12, 2020 | Updated 17:24 IST


  • Xiaomi could be working on affordable Redmi-branded laptops in India.
  • These laptops could come with older generation Intel Core i3 and Core i5 processors.
  • The laptops could start from as low as Rs 20,000.

Xiaomi's first range of laptops for the Indian market hasn't been exactly what everyone expected. The Mi Notebook 14 series offers great specifications for its price but consumers expected Xiaomi to bring laptops to the masses at a much lower overall price. Guess what, Xiaomi is already working on it. Or, as it seems, as the rumours have stated. Apart from the Mi Notebook 14 models, Xiaomi is going to work on Redmibook models tailored for India.

A recent report from TechPP has suggested that Xiaomi is working on some affordable laptops for the Indian market and these may be coming in the next few months. In fact, the website says that the cheaper laptops may launch around the same time as India's Independence Day, i.e. mid-August. The best part is that these laptops will co-exist along with the Mi Notebook models.

Of course, Xiaomi is going to use its branding cleverly for the laptops. The premium laptops will belong to the Mi series whereas affordable laptops will belong to the Redmi series. If it rings any bell, then these could be the Redmibook models that Xiaomi recently announced for the Chinese market.

The prices for the said models are expected to start from as low as Rs 20,000 and those looking for decent workhorses may find Intel Core i3 powered laptops priced for almost Rs 25,000. This affordable series is also expected to have Core i5 models in the lineup. That said, Xiaomi may use slightly older generation Intel chips to keep the costs of these laptops low. So don't expect bleeding-edge 10th Gen processors in these laptops.

Moreover, these Redmi branded laptops are going to be designed specifically for India and Xiaomi would like to appeal to the student category as well as those looking for affordable computers. To make the designs interesting, Xiaomi could also use coloured body shells and plastics are expected to keep the price down.

However, Xiaomi is said to work on a few things to make its products stand out. All the models will promise a battery life of almost 8 hours and all the models will run on Windows 10 Home. There are no plans for Chromebook models yet.

Do note that this is just a rumour and Xiaomi hasn't confirmed any of this. That said, the lower-end of the laptop market in India has a lot of potential and Xiaomi would want to tap it with affordable yet feature-rich laptops.

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