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Microsoft launches Surface Dock 2, USB-C Travel Hub, and Ergonomic Desktop kits

The Microsoft Surface Dock 2 is a minute upgrade over the previous-generation model.

twitter-logoIndia Today Tech | May 7, 2020 | Updated 19:15 IST


  • Microsoft has launched Surface Dock 2 for $259.99.
  • It also launched the USB-C Travel Hub for $99.99.
  • Microsoft also launched two keyboard and mouse sets.

Microsoft launched new Surface products on Wednesday, including the latest Surface Book 3, the Surface Go 2, Surface Headphones 3, and Surface Earbuds. There was another product that, although not as high-profile as others, makes the Surface line-up complete and easier to use Microsoft launched the Surface Dock 2 docking station with a number of ports. It is an upgrade over the original model, Surface Dock, but comes with certain improvements. Microsoft has also launched a USB-C Travel Hub and two new keyboard and mouse kits called Microsoft Ergonomic Desktop.

The Surface Dock 2 costs $259.99 (roughly Rs 20,000) and will be available in select markets starting May 26. The Surface Dock 2 comes with a design similar to that of the Surface Dock, but has more ports than the prequel. The black slab-like Surface Dock 2 packs four USB-C ports, two of them to connect or charge other USB-C supported devices and the rest two of them to be used for transmitting video to a monitor. There is also an Ethernet port for the RJ45-sized adapter, two USB-A ports, and a Kensington lock on the Surface Dock 2. And finally, there is a port to connect to power cable for supply to the Surface Dock 2. Microsoft claims it can offer higher data transfer rates than the original one did.

The Microsoft USB-C Travel Hub is another accessory that is aimed at solving the problem of lack of ports o Surface devices. It is cheaper than the Surface Dock 2 and features several ports. Priced at $99.99 (roughly Rs 7,600), the USB-C Travel Hub has five ports in total - one USB-C port, one USB-A port, an HDMI port, a VGA port, and an Ethernet port. It can be plugged into a Surface device using a USB-C port, which means the older Surface devices are not supported by the accessory. The USB-C Travel Hub will be available to buy in select markets.

Microsoft has also announced two new keyboard and mouse kits. One of them is wired while the other one is wireless. The Microsoft Ergonomic Desktop comes with a long wrist rest and a curved design to allow the natural posture of hands when typing. The keyboard has both alphanumeric keys and the number pad, in addition to Microsoft's own dedicated key for emoji and an Office key. There is also an ergonomic wired mouse in the kit. The wired kit costs $89.99 (roughly Rs 6,800). There is a wireless kit has a regular-sized keyboard and a mouse. The design of both items is pretty ordinary and they together cost $59.99 (roughly Rs 4,500).

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