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Motorola Edge+ is getting two Android OS updates, not one: Good enough to rival the OnePlus 8 Pro?

Motorola's upcoming flagship phone for India is now destined to get two Android OS updates. The Edge+ runs on a near-stock form of Android.

twitter-logoAmritanshu Mukherjee | May 13, 2020 | Updated 13:53 IST
Motorola Edge+


  • Motorola has promised two Android upgrades to the Edge+ in its lifecycle.
  • The Edge+ runs on a near-stock version of Android 10 with few customisation options.
  • Motorola has plans to launch the Edge+ in India.

Motorola's phones have always had a "wow" factor and the recently launched Edge+ ascertains that once more. The Edge+ is a return for Motorola to the premium smartphone space after a long gap but it has managed to get most of the things right. Great specifications, desirable design and its clean UI make the Edge+ stand out in a crowd of phones that look alike. However, Motorola did get some flak for the software part.

When it launched last month, Motorola said that the Edge+ will only get one Android OS upgrade in its life. This had been fine for a phone that was aimed at the budget segment. The Edge+, however, is a premium phone by all means and offering just a single OS upgrade to a phone that costs $1,000 doesn't sound nice. Credits to Motorola though as it has now revamped its update strategy for its 2020 flagship.

Motorola has now confirmed that it will be rolling two Android OS upgrades to the Edge+. The company has made the statement to DriodLife, confirming the arrival of both Android 11 and Android 12. This is still not as good as rival OnePlus that offers up to three Android OS upgrades for a particular phone but it is a step in the right direction nonetheless. You can also thank the criticism it got from media and US consumers.

Motorola has been serious with software updates for its Android One series phones. It's Motorola One Power from 2018 was upgraded to Android 9 and Android 10 timely, while the subsequent models from 2019 got updated to Android 10 early this year. The Edge+ is not an Android One phone and hence, Motorola initially promised just a single Android update.

Motorola Edge+

That said, better late than never. Motorola has plans to bring the Edge+ to India as its second flagship offering after the Motorola Razr. The prices are yet to be announced but it is safe to assume that Motorola will look to take on the likes of OnePlus, Xiaomi and Samsung with the Edge+. A launch date is yet to be announced but we expect Motorola to be more vocal about it once the COVID-19 lockdown ends.

If the Edge+ interests you, here's a quick rundown. The Edge+ belongs to the same class of phones that use the bleeding-edge Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, which also means it is a 5G phone. Similar to the recently announced Xiaomi Mi 10, the Edge+ uses a 108-megapixel camera as its main sensor. Unlike the Mi 10, it also gets a 3X zoom camera and a wide-angle camera.

The standout feature of the Edge+ is its massive 6.67-inch display that curved all the way to the side. Motorola has built special features to take advantage of these curves to make the user experience more intuitive. It is also one of the very few premium phones this year to accompany a 3.5mm headphone jack.

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