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MWC 2020: 5G is in big focus this year in Barcelona

One of the key technologies on focus at MWC 2020 is going to be 5G, which is expected to be a major attraction at the upcoming MWC 2020.

February 5, 2020 | Updated 16:08 IST


  • 5G is expected to be one of the focus topics at MWC 2020
  • Huawei and Samsung are being tipped to be at the forefront of 5G technology this year
  • Nokia and Apple are also expected to reveal their plans about 5G

Mobile World Congress 2020 is just days away. In a way this is the biggest consumer tech show of the year, focussing on technologies that matter such as smartphones and taking a look at the technologies such as 5G that will matter in the future. The show officially kicks off on February 24 and will run till February 27. During this period, the biggest names in the tech industry are expected to showcase not only new smartphones and gadgets but also shed light on upcoming technologies that are expected to drive the industry forward in 2020.

One of the key technologies on focus at MWC 2020 is going to be 5G, which is expected to be a major attraction at the upcoming MWC 2020. While Samsung and Huawei have launched a few 5G smartphones last year, the trend is expected to mainstream this year. At MWC 2020, you can expect to see a bunch of new 5G phones like the Realme X50 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 10, and possibly some affordable 5G phones powered by the latest Snapdragon 765G SoC.

5G as technology is new but it's not there yet. However, MWC 2020 is going to showcase how 5G is going to arrive, what sort of 5G phones we can expect, what sort of 5G applications we can expect in future, how 5G will transform the world of digital services and networks, and how it will impact businesses. 5G is a transformative technology and MWC 2020 hope to give a glimpse of this futuristic transformation that 5G networks will bring.

Neil Mawston, Executive Director, Strategy Analytics, expects that at the MWC 2020, we are going to witness a 5G war between the top mobile companies. Writing on the MWC website, he notes, "The 5G smartphone wars are good news for mobile operators at MWC. Fierce competition and rising scale mean cheaper 5G models and a vast array of consumer choices. This gives 4G smartphone owners a reason to visit stores, upgrade to 5G, and accelerate replacement rates.

As Mawston adds, Huawei is the early leader, based on Strategy Analytics data, capturing 37 per cent share of all 5G smartphones shipped worldwide in 2019. The company also has a deep retail presence at home in China with new models like the Mate 30 Pro 5G. Another company that may showcase its 5G vision is Samsung that according to Strategy Analytics is one of the top players in 5G space.

Of course, MWC 2020 will be showing more than 5G-enabled smartphones. At the event, there will be brainstorming sessions and exchange of ideas when it comes to 5G and next-generation wireless networks. On Day 1 itself, which is February 24, there is the keynote on "Limitless Intelligent Connectivity: Possibilities and Responsibilities", something that will highlight how the 5G networks, smarter and more efficient, will reshape the world in future. On the same day, there are going to be 5G tour, 5G demos, a seminar on 5G aimed at "enabling developer innovation" and programmes designed for the exchange of ideas.

In other words, at the MWC 2020, the idea is to go deeper, go further, explore all that is with 5G and not just touch upon what is obvious. Or as Hayim Porat, CTO, ECI Telecom, writes on one of the MWC insider blogs, "A 5G network is about so much more than faster network speeds." And a glance at the MWC 2020 agenda for three-days shows that the industry experts and stakeholders here aim to look at 5G in its totality and not just speed.

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