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Android P Beta's ten features that impressed us the most

Android P Beta program was launched during the Keynote on May 8 and will be made available to Google Pixel devices as well as other popular manufacturers and handsets including the OnePlus 6 that hasn't been launched yet. 

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Google I/O 2018: Everything you need to know about the new features in Android P

Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, is probably the epicenter of the next digital revolution. AI has mostly been a buzz word for the average tech consumer. However, that's about to change. At Google I/O 2018, it's clear that the biggest internet company is all set to unleash AI at its full capacity.

The biggest impact of these AI changes will reach us throgh the device we carry at all times. The Android P operating system will be the fore-runner for the company's latest achievments in the field of AI. Android P Beta program was launched during the Keynote on May 8 and will be made available to Google Pixel devices as well as other popular manufacturers and handsets including the OnePlus 6 that hasn't been launched yet. 

The new operating system has integrated the use of AI in most functions that otherwise seemed pretty simple. Apart from AI, the company has introduced various features with the user's "digital well-being" in mind. Here's a list of the most impressive features that are going to make their way to your Android phone.

App Actions
This is basically built into the OS and it helps in predicting actions one might want to take at different times during the day or depending on different contextual signals.

App Actions can be found in various parts of the UI, including the most frequented section, app drawer. For example, if it's time to go to work it will suggest map routes to get there along with suggesting a range of songs you'd like to listen while on the way.

App Actions also assists in one's Google searches. For example, if you search something like "cooking", it will show suggestions from books on cooking certain dishes to videos or articles on cooking.

New App drawer
The app drawer is a major design overhaul which gives a clear nod to screens without bezels (read: with notch). Gone are the essential navigation buttons, instead, Android P will have gestures to move around in the UI.
Press the button at the bottom and the App Switcher will be swiped up. When in app switcher, you will also be able to copy and paste from one app to the other.

The home button still exists in a way and the back button turns up whenever you'll need it.

Smart replies
Another interesting feature added in the latest Android version is smart replies. It suggests replies to simple texts.

Android Well-Being Dashboard allows you to see exactly how much you are using your phone and what apps you are using most. It will also tell you the number of times you have unlocked your phone and how many notification you have received.

New Do Not Disturb option

Earlier, the DND option just muted notification sounds but still let through all information on the screen. The new DND option, however, will not only mute notifications but will also keep them from popping up on your screens.

This doesn't mean that you will miss out on important notifications. As soon as the DND mode will be deactivated, the notifications surface as usual.

App Timers

App Timers is another feature that will help you get away from your phone. In Android P you can set time limits to your apps and hence limit your usage. After the set time limit expires, the app icon will turn gray for the rest of the day, allowing you to reduce usage.

Shush mode
Shush Google has introduced Shush to mute sound notifications and vibrations. All you need to do is place your phone with the screen down and notifications will be muted and the phone will not vibrate.

Wind Down mode
With the Wind Down Mode, you can tell the Assistant the exact time you wish to go to sleep. At that time, Do Not Disturb mode will be activated and the screen will gradually turn monochrome.

Shortcut to enter Silent model
 With Android P the user can just press the volume up button and the power button at the same time to turn the ringer off. Unlike the earlier versions, pressing the volume up or down button will control the media volume and not the ringer volume.

Adaptive Battery
This new feature will allow you to "limit battery" for infrequently used apps thereby keeping your battery levels up. However, this could lead to delayed notifications.

Adaptive Brightness
Similar to the adaptive battery, the operating system tracks your brightness settings throughout the day and then does it for you. The user can even see the brightness toggle moving on its own with this feature on.


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