New app 'Selfie360' takes 3D photos

 ANI   Washington     Last Updated: February 19, 2014  | 22:06 IST
New App ‘Selfie360’ takes 3D photos
Picture for representational purpose. Reuters

The Cycloramic team has reportedly come up with Selfie360, an app that automatically rotates your phone (hands-free, no less) to take a 360-degree photo.

The app provides three options to a selfie to click portrait, panorama or full photos.

According to TC, after the photo is posted by a selfie, it's double-checked by a human to ensure it doesn't include any genitalia or drugs or things that is illegal, and then it goes live on a public feed and can be shared to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and a number of other social networks.

Founder of Selfie360 Bruno Francois said that that the team is planning to add a follow-based structure to the app, letting users curate their own feed, while including likes, hashtags, Search, direct messages, and geo-location to their pictures. (ANI)

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