Apple iOS 11.3 update: All you need to know from new Animojis to Battery Health features

 BusinessToday.In        Last Updated: March 30, 2018  | 17:05 IST
Apple iOS 11.3 update: All you need to know from new Animojis to Battery Health features

Apple has started rolling out the iOS 11.3 update for iPhones, iPads and even iPods. The update will bring a host of new changes in the operating system which will range from something as simple as new Animojis to critical features like battery health issues.

Last year, Apple was at the centre of a major issue where the company was found reducing the processing power of their iPhones in order to avoid random shutdowns. iPhone users across the globe were furious as the company failed to inform the user about this drop in performance. To deal with the entire fiasco, Apple had to start retailing batteries at much lower prices to fix the issue.

This new update will help iPhone users analyse the health of their battery and will even warn the user if it needs a replacement. The feature of reducing peak power was introduced with the iOS 10.2.1. Older iPhones with spent or damaged batteries are prone to shutdowns if the peak performance is not reduced.

Once the user has updated their operating system to iOS 11.3, they can access their battery health from Settings and then Battery. The feature can be found on iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

For developers, Apple has enhanced the ARKit (Augment Reality Kit) to include vertical structures in the AR experience. So far, the developers were only able to use horizontal surfaces.

Animojis became popular after the launch of iPhone X. Sadly, this change can only be accessed by iPhone X users. The company has introduced four new Animoji characters; a lion, a bear, a dragon and a skull.

Apple has even beefed up the data and privacy with this new update. The new iOS 11.3 and MacOS 10.13.4 will explain the usage of personal data better. To make the usage of data more transparent, Apple has introduced a privacy icon and detailed privacy information which will appear when the company needs any specific information about the user or the device.

Apple has also introduced a new feature called Business Chat, which seems similar to WhatsApp Business but is currently being tested only in US and Canada. This new feature, when available, will let you interact with businesses via the messages app. One can even pay to that business using Apple Pay. According to Apple this will be secure as the businesses will not receive any personal data.

The new update comes with Advanced Mobile Location (AML) to automatically send the owner's location to the concerned authority. However, this will only be available in countries that support an emergency service.


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