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Apple's new iPad tops tablet ratings

A survey by US magazine Consumer Reports says the high-resolution screen of the new iPad establishes a new benchmark in excellence.

IANS | April 3, 2012 | Updated 12:42 IST

Apple's new iPad has scored the highest ratings among tablet devices in the market, says a survey by US magazine Consumer Reports.

"Performance on the new iPad was superb in virtually every other way as well," Xinhua quoted the magazine, published by the US Consumer Union, as saying.

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The report said the new iPad has longer battery life than all other tablets despite energy-intensive display and graphics.

Responding to concerns on the new iPad's heat issues, the magazine said tests confirmed that the new iPad was warmer than the iPad 2, but that it did not find those temperatures to be cause for concern.

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"The high-resolution screen of the new iPad establishes a new benchmark in excellence, providing the best rendering of detail and colour accuracy we've ever seen on a tablet display," the magazine said.

Besides the new iPad, Consumer Reports also recommended several other tablet models, like Toshiba Excite 10LE, the "lightest tablet" the magazine has tested or Pantech's eight-inch Element, a waterproof tablet, Sony Tablet P which allows users to read ebooks in a traditional two-page book format, and Samsung's Galaxy Tab 7.7, the first tablet with an "organic" light-emitting diode (LED) screen.

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