Cinema-inspired sound now available on-the-go

Dolby is bringing its cinematic audio experience to mobile devices. Ashim Mathur, Marketing Head of Dolby Laboratories India explains how they do it.

     Last Updated: October 25, 2013  | 10:33 IST
Ashim Mathur, Marketing Head of Dolby Laboratories
Ashim Mathur, Marketing Head of Dolby Laboratories

Like our sense of smell, sound evokes a direct recollection of memories from one's life. It induces the realism of content in the listener, connecting them to the content creator's original vision. In today's connected world, mobile devices are probably the most personal yet powerful technology used by an individual - be it a corporate leader, a young professional or a college student. Tablet, smartphones and PCs offer new ways for people to access the same, rich, high-quality experiences they once enjoyed on larger screen devices.

When a consumer buys a brand, several factors determine his purchase decision. Sometimes, a part of the whole that is your brand-an ingredient-may be the single biggest determinant. The idea then would be to stay a step ahead. Today the consumer is inundated with several choices and brands in every walk of life. He is well connected via his social networks and the proliferation of the World Wide Web has ensured that not only is the consumer well read but he's also well informed about the choices he makes. 

In the increasingly competitive and maturing smartphone and tablet markets, device manufacturers must constantly evaluate new features and services that can differentiate their products from the competition and enhance the consumer experience. In recent years, manufacturers have emphasized mobile features such as screen size, internal storage, and camera resolution. The rising adoption of mobile devices is enabling consumers to enjoy rich media experiences outside of the home and away from the television.

Some device manufacturers and content distributors have already identified premium audio as a second-wave feature that can provide that differentiation. These OEMs are improving the consumer experience by incorporating enhanced audio technologies, while marketing the technology as a premium entertainment feature. For example, brands like Nokia, Lenovo, Acer and Amazon have included the Dolby audio technologies in their latest devices - be it the Lenovo A1000 tablet, Lenovo IdeaPad series, Acer Aspire series or the Kindle Fire HD tablets. The inclusion of Dolby technologies in these mobile devices brings an extra dimension to their performance, transforming them into devices which can deliver high-definition (HD) content with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1-channel surround sound to HDTVs, audio/video receivers, and home theater systems.

Like the American director George Lucas, at Dolby also we consider audio to be half the entertainment experience for consumers . Audio is an extremely important component and today's consumers want a great sound experience when they are sitting in movie theatre or are on-the-go. Dolby technology delivers a powerful, more balanced and natural listening experience on mobile devices, so you don't have to compromise quality for convenience.  Whether the content is video or music, Dolby technology unlocks the surround sound experience from Video content and optimizes the playback of music. When consumers see the Dolby logo on a mobile device, they're assured of a compelling entertainment experience. For manufacturers, the assurance offered by partnering with Dolby and the underlying quality improvements build consumer confidence and loyalty. From content creation to distribution to playback, Dolby improves mobile media every step of the way.

At Dolby, we work closely with content creators and service providers to help them deliver incredible and efficient multichannel sound. Dolby is redefining the way audiences enjoy entertainment on any device making overall audio more consistent. Today, Dolby technology is found in more than a billion products worldwide offering a unique and efficient way to give consumers high quality audio and video that will meet and even exceed their expectations.

Our endeavor going forward is to offer technologies that elevate the entertainment experience-in the cinema, at home, and now on the go. When downloading and playing multimedia processed with Dolby technology, you can trust the quality-and enjoy a new dimension for on-the-go entertainment. Sound quality might not be an easy sell on paper, but enhanced mobile audio from companies like Dolby has a clear and immediate impact on the entertainment experience on-the-go.

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