Facebook introduces new 'Upvote', 'Downvote' feature; expected to roll out in phases

Danny D'Cruze   New Delhi     Last Updated: April 30, 2018  | 14:08 IST
Facebook introduces new 'Upvote', 'Downvote' feature; expected to roll out in phases

Facebook has introduced new 'Downvote', 'Upvote' buttons on its platform for few users in Australia and New Zealand. Technically, the downvote button cannot be seen as a dislike button, at least that's what Facebook wants you to believe. According to The Next Web, this new button will be used to flag distasteful comments on Facebook posts and bring useful comments to the fore.


The 'Like' and 'Reply' buttons are still intact on the posts but there are two skinny arrows to the left of those options that can be used to downvote or upvote a comment. Earlier, Facebook ranked its top comments with the help of likes and interactions on a comment. It seems certain posts needed more than just that. By introducing this new feature, Facebook is passing the baton of flagging bad comments to the user.

This new feature is expected to be rolled out to users in other countries in phases. We have sent out a list of questions to the social media giant expecting a response that will give us a clearer picture.

Another social media platform, Reddit has a similar 'dislike' feature on its public posts. However, by the looks of it, Facebook has a different purpose set in mind with this 'downvote' feature.

Facebook is still dealing with bad press it received earlier this month. It seems the social media giant is eager to make changes to fix issues that popped up during the Q&A round faced by the company's chief, Mark Zuckerberg. 

Recently, the company had to face the US Senate and its harsh questions on the company's role in the Cambridge Analytica Scandal that had apparently affected 87 million Facebook users. Since then, the company has tried to make amends in its privacy policy.

Despite the complications, advertisers seem to have continued using Facebook as an effective platform. The company registered a growth of 49 per cent in revenue during the first three months of this year. They also recorded a profit of 63 per cent which translates to $5 billion in the same period. Majority of Facebook's revenue is generated by advertisements.


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