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Google upgrades Chrome browser, adds application store too

In comparison to Internet Explorer 9, the new updated browser is contender. Apart from better frame rates and faster loading times, the browser adds a webstore to it too.

Sulabh Puri | February 9, 2011 | Updated 16:58 IST

Google Chrome has just been upgraded
Google just upgraded its browser that is fast becoming a rage among web users. This edition is more stable and looks better than before.

In regard to Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 or IE9, the new version of Google Chrome is quite a contender. Better frame rates and faster loading times make up this browser.

But the best feature that has been added is the webstore. Users can now add applications to the Chrome browser. These include everything from games to weather forecast to finance softwares.

We are pretty sure other web browsers will soon be bitten by the application store bug too. Let's see what Microsoft and Safari will come out with next.

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