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My two cents on iOS 10 (beta) before the iOS 10 release

We already know that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will have the latest iOS 10 operating system onboard. The same was announced at WWDC in June this year.

twitter-logo Nidhi Singal   New Delhi     Last Updated: September 7, 2016  | 18:19 IST
iPhone7 launch: Everything you need to know about iOS10 (beta)

Apple is all set to unveil the iPhone 7 at a keynote in San Francisco tonight. While there are plenty of rumours and leaks suggesting the possible hardware changes on the device, we already know that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will have the latest iOS 10 operating system onboard. The same was announced at WWDC in June this year and the beta version of the iOS 10 has been released to the public. I installed the iOS 10 beta on the iPhone 6S Plus in July and here are my two cents on the iOS 10 beta.

The iOS 10 awards iPhone some refreshing features which becomes a part of your routine instantly.

You don't have to swipe to unlock the iPhone anymore. The new way to unlock is to press the home button. We are yet to see how it will be integrated on the iPhone 7 with rumours Apple ditching the clickable home button for Force Touch Technology. There is also a new way to access notifications without unlocking the phone.
Even when you pick up the iPhone, 'Raise to wake' feature will automatically turn on the display and show notifications on the locked screen. And using 3D touch, I am able to react to the notification. There is a widgets page added  to the lock screen (which has been improved with beta releases) giving quick access to date and time, weather, calendar, Siri suggested apps, news, reminders and favourite contacts and more. the Siri app suggestions changes on the usage. The News tab also shows the latest that you have been reading about. Swiping towards the left from the locked screen launches the camera app. While these aren't really new and had been available on Android smartphones, they are a welcome addition to iPhone.

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Over all these years, there were many Apple preinstalled apps that used to sit on the device and we could do nothing about them. Finally, Apple has given us a solution to get rid of those apps as some of them can be removed. However, after a couple of beta updates, I was stuck with the apps on my iPhone. I was able to install the new apps but was not able to delete the existing apps or move them into a folder. While a soft press on the app allowed to delete an app, long pressing on the app allowed quick actions. For instance, long pressing 'Photos' app showed three options - most recent, favourites and search.

Apple has always been a closed operating system with no nonsense philosophy. But given the increasing shift towards third-party messaging apps with fancy features, Apple has completely revamped its messaging app. iMessage now has bigger emojis, handwritten messages on photos, stickers and more. There is a dedicated app store for iMessage, too, as the platform has been opened to developers; more apps will be added in the future. Apple has also opened Siri to developers and in coming days, Siri should be able to do more than just working on the default iPhone apps.

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Even the Photos app has been redone and images are stored and sorted based on date and location as well. This makes it easy to look for images captured at a particular location. Searching for images has become easier as it can be done by keying in names of people, places, panoramas, etc, in the search bar.
A small yet my favourite feature on iOS 10 is the Bedtime within the clock app.  It allows to select bedtime and wake-up time, and records the activity during this time and updates the health app. There is also an option to choose from nine soothing wake-up tunes.

The best thing about Apple iPhone is the iOS update released every year. Unlike Android OS updates, the iOS updates are available to download to everyone across the World on the very same day. You might not be able to download it due to heavy traffic on the servers but Apple makes sure that no one is left behind to wait for the update. I am usually doubtful about updating OS on any devices as at times it does slow down the devices but that said, I tested iOS 10 on iPhone 6S Plus as well as on iPhone SE, and there were no signs of any lag. As Apple will be announcing the iPhone 7 tonight, it will also be announcing the official release of the iOS 10 to the existing iPhone users. Once released, you can update the operating system by visiting Settings app where under general settings is an option of software update.

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