JioPhone delivery may get delayed but pre-booking might resume soon

BT Online   New Delhi     Last Updated: August 31, 2017  | 13:06 IST
JioPhone delivery may get delayed but pre-booking might resume soon

JioPhone was open for pre-booking on August 24. Despite initial hiccups in the booking portal, the pre-booking garnered a lot of numbers; with numbers ranging from 3 to 4 million units. This overwhelming amount resulted in halting the pre-booking for a while. Though the company assured that the bookings will resume soon, there is no specific date so far.

A new report from India Today Tech suggests that the people who pre-booked the JioPhone will have to wait a bit longer than estimated. Few retailers suggest that the delivery is delayed by a couple of days due to the load of meeting the heavy demand. However, they also indicated that the booking will resume within a few days.

During Reliance Industries AGM event, company chief Mukesh Ambani provided a time frame of delivering the first batch of devices.  According to the schedule, the devices are supposed to be commercially available by the first week of September. "Earlier JioPhone was supposed to reach our store around the first week of September. But then, now there will be some delay and JioPhone can arrive a little late," says a Reliance Digital store retailer.

The company had clearly stated that the device will be made available on first come first serve basis which can be the reason behind such haste.

Want to book one for yourself? The following points will help you be prepared when the company resumes pre-bookings.

How to book JioPhone online
The JioPhone can be booked online on the official Jio website or the MyJio app for a sum of Rs 500. Users will have to provide a Jio number and delivery PIN code. Once through, you will move to payment options.

Later a booking ID will be generated which has to be shown to the retailer at the time of purchase. The sum of Rs 500 charged at the time of booking will be adjusted against the security charges of Rs 1,500. The rest of the Rs 1,000 will have to be paid at the time of delivery, though.

How to book JioPhone offline
The Jio retail stores or multi-brand retail devices can be visited for pre-booking the JioPhone offline with an Aadhaar card. Some retail stores reportedly had begun taking pre-orders even before August 24.

JioPhone pre-order: Online vs. Offline
The online channels for pre-booking the JioPhone are expected to face some increase in traffic, as seen on the first day today. The three-step registration will be easier than going to a store, which even might have lines in front of them, last seen at the time of rollout of Jio 4G networks. With pre-bookings open on first come first serve basis, online will be faster option to go about it, given that the Jio website and MyApp do not quiver under the pressure.

Booked! Now what?
For those who have pre-booked the JioPhone, Reliance Jio will send out details to their registered phone numbers with the store details.
The stores will be allotted according to the pincode provided during the pre-booking. The users will have to carry their Aadhaar card for verification and will also have to pay the remaining Rs 1,000 to the allotted store to receive the device.

What does JioPhone offer?
JioPhone is the first ever 4G feature phone ever to be made. The handset comes with a 2.4-inch, and an alphanumeric keypad under it. The phone works on KaiOS. It does not have a camera or the popular applications like Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp or such which are usually found on smartphones.
The phone, however, promises a 4G internet connection. The JioPhone also comes with the usual of Jio. The JioTV app can even be streamed on any television set using a proprietary cable bundled with the phone.
The phone offer 4G speeds for a pack of Rs 153 or smaller packs of Rs 53 and Rs 23.

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