LG reveals 65-inch OLED rollable TV, 4K Projector, refrigerator with 29-inch touch screen

 Nidhi Singal        Last Updated: January 8, 2018  | 17:03 IST
LG reveals 65-inch OLED rollable TV, 4K Projector, refrigerator with 29-inch touch screen

It's that time of the year again when not just the biggest tech companies but even startups come up with some innovative tech on the floor of Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018) at Las Vegas. Even before the show has officially started, LG has already announced some award winning products.

The Korean giant has been innovating TV space for long. The company came up with wallpaper OLED TV which was just 2.85mm thick. A couple of years ago, it showed an 18inch OLED TV that can be rolled up. This year, LG has announced a 65-inch OLED TV prototype that can be rolled up like a newspaper. The flexible display makes it easy to store and transport.

LG is also expanding in 4K UHD home projectors with the HU80k series. It is LG's first video and home cinema experience in a compact design. Unlike traditional projectors, this isn't heavy, expensive and cumbersome to install. This 2500 lumens projector can create a 150-inch screen and supports HDR content (HDR 10). It comes with a mirrorless I-shaped engine which allows the projector to show perfect images whether it's placed on the floor, mounted on the wall or hanging from the ceiling. It also has two 7W speakers which the company claims deliver a true cinematic audio experience without the need for external speakers or a soundbar. Just like smart TVs, the projector has webOS 3.5 smart TV interface for accessing popular online streaming services offering 4K content.

LG InstaView ThinQ features a 29-inch touch LCD display that transforms from a computer display to a transparent window with just two knocks. This intelligent refrigerator can recommend recipes based on what is on hand and once a recipe is selected, the fridge automatically sends the information to a connected oven with Alexa verbally guiding the chef through each step of the process, for a fuss-free cooking experience. Users can also access Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, and other streaming music services directly on the InstaView ThinQ for a more pleasant cooking and dining experience. The Smart Tag feature allows the addition of stickers, tags and expiration dates to food stored in the smart fridge, issuing alerts as an item reaches its expiration date. When grocery shopping, users can check the contents of the fridge via their smartphones connected to the wide-angle PanoramaView camera inside the InstaView ThinQ.

LG is also offering seamless connectivity through InstaView ThinQ EasyClean Oven Range and QuadWash Dishwasher. This vision for the connected smart kitchen of the future that predicts consumer needs and reduces preparation time.

"The seamless connectivity inherent in LG's smart kitchen solution will revolutionize the cooking and dining habits of consumers," said Song Dae-hyun, president of LG's Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. "By streamlining food preparation and cleanup from start to finish, LG's use of artificial intelligence in the kitchen enhances quality of life by offering innovative solutions to everyday struggles in the kitchen."


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