Facebook’s smartwatch might have a detachable display, 3 cameras

Facebook’s smartwatch might have a detachable display, 3 cameras

A leaked patent has revealed that Facebook/Meta’s smartwatch might have three cameras on the screen.

One of Facebook/Meta's smartwatches might have a square dial One of Facebook/Meta's smartwatches might have a square dial

According to reports from 2021, Facebook/Meta is working on a smartwatch that should be launched in summer this year. The smartwatch has been tipped to feature a rounded screen along with a camera on the display. The first images of Meta’s smartwatch were leaked in October last year that gave us a little hint about what might be coming our way. Now, LetsGoDigital has shared some more information about it.

Reports state that the smartwatch might feature a detachable display and two cameras. And it is going to allow users to share photos and videos directly via apps like Instagram and Facebook.

The report also mentions that Meta’s smartwatch will have two models - one with a round display and the other with a squarish one. The smartwatches will also feature either two or three cameras and all these will have different lenses - a macro lens, a telephoto lens, an optical zoom or a wide-angle lens. Users will reportedly also be able to adjust the field of view with the multiple cameras.

The display of the round smartwatch has been tipped be a rotatable one with magnets allowing users to select different cameras by rotating the display. The camera place at the 12’o clock position will be the one in use while the others will remain turned off until selected.

Details of the Facebook smartwatch
(Photo: LetsGoDigital)

These cameras will reportedly allow users to capture photos and videos and post them on social media directly from the watch. Users will also be able to make video calls from the watch, according to reports. Additionally, Meta might also use these cameras for virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.

With Meta’s investment in the Metaverse, the company is expected to use the smartwatch as an extension of it. A detachable smartwatch with multiple cameras that can support AR/VR functions thus fits right in. Besides this, the smartwatch is also expected to feature a heart rate sensor, body temperature sensor, motion sensor, activity recognition sensor, and an infrared meter.

Meta is also working on an AR headset and there are chances of the company launching both the smartwatch and the headset at the same event.

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Published on: Jan 14, 2022, 7:31 PM IST
Posted by: Jhinuk Sen, Jan 14, 2022, 7:25 PM IST