Gadgets that can come handy during emergencies

Gadgets that can come handy during emergencies

Lost in the woods? Facing car trouble? Here is a gadget survivor kit that can come handy in such situations.

Portronics Mojo Portronics Mojo
Lost in the woods? Facing car trouble? In an emergency, it is intuitive to shout for help. But what if no one is around? Here is a gadget survivor kit that can come handy in such situations.

Woodland ResQ: Perfect for adventure activities, this jacket is fitted with a transmitter that can send and receive radio signals in an emergency. The company claims the device doesn't require any maintenance and lasts a lifetime.
Price: Rs 15,000

XPal Spare One: Smartphone batteries don't even last a day thanks to the large display size and numerous features on the handsets. This simple problem can become a big headache it you are in an emergency situation and your phone is out of charge. XPal's Spare One phone has been designed for such eventualities. The sleek device does not need regular charging and runs on AA batteries. There is also a SIM adapter, in case you have a microSIM. It doesn't come with a display. The limited set of keys includes an alphanumeric keypad along with volume control, torch and the lock key. The company claims a standby time of 15 years and talk time of 10 hours.
Price: $69 (about Rs 4,300); $15 in shipping charges are extra.

SOS CarMate:
Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. That is why it is advisable to keep the car helpline SOS CarMate handy. It is a small kit with six life-saving functions, including an automotive hammer designed to break the vehicle's toughened glass with one hit, a seat belt cutter to rip the seat belt in case you are trapped, an airbag puncher spear, a distress light in case of a vehicle breakdown, a sharp whistle to draw attention, and a torch light. This kit comes with a magnetic mount bracket that holds the tool firmly, within the driver's reach.
Price: Rs 799,

Ecobud Little Penguin:
Clean water is the essence of life, but can you ever be sure the water you are drinking is pure? For that, there is Ecobud's Little Penguin, a water bottle with a personalised filter. It instantly removes all chlorine and bacteria and makes the water safe for drinking. It has an Australia-patented four-stage filtration system (PPF filter, silver activated carbon, calcium ionised clay) that produces pure water. It even activates carbon and calcium ionised clay which combine to filter the water. The filter needs to be replaced every two months.
Price:  $29.95 (about Rs 1,850),

Portronics Mojo:
This is a two-in-one device for emergency situations. It is a rechargeable high-intensity torch with four flash light settings and a 2200 mAh battery power bank that can be used to charge any gadget using a USB. The light weight makes it easy to carry and the charge can be stored for up to six months.
Price: Rs 699