Motorola is now working on a rollable smartphone

Motorola is now working on a rollable smartphone

After reinventing its OG Moto Razr with a foldable screen, Motorola is now working on a rollable smartphone.

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Motorola’s original Moto Razr was one of the most coveted clamshell smartphones which the company reinvented in 2020 with a foldable screen. The 2020 Motorola Razr was followed by the Razr 5G, and reports have it that the next iteration of the Razr is set to hit the markets soon. In the meanwhile, though, Motorola has been working on a rollable smartphone. 

According to Evan Blass and 91Mobiles, Motorola’s rollable smartphone is internally known as the Felix. Reportedly, Motorola’s vision for rollable phones appears to be different from what Oppo and TCL, the two companies that have already showcased their concept rollable, have envisioned. The Oppo X 20201 and the TCL Fold n’ Roll use a flexible display that can expand horizontally to transform into a large tablet from a standard-size smartphone. 

The Motorola Felix, according to reports, is going to expand vertically to make the smartphone taller, instead of wider. One-third of the smartphone’s display is going to be hidden at the bottom of the device and can be fully extended on the need to increase the screen real estate. Conceptually, this is close to how the Motorola Razr uses its foldable screen to transform a clamshell form factor into an open standard-sized phone, but no part of the screen is hidden in the Razr. 

Blass has pointed out that the Motorola Felix is in “very early stages of development” and thus we are yet to see any leaks or renders of the device. He added that when Motorola started developing the custom software experience, there wasn’t a working hardware prototype to work with and the company uses a modified Motorola Edge 30 Pro to test the software. And it is also reportedly not coming any time before 2023. 

Given there is a lot of time in hand, it is also possible that Motorola might change the form factor over this development cycle or scrap it entirely.

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Published on: May 10, 2022, 3:50 PM IST
Posted by: Jhinuk Sen, May 10, 2022, 3:42 PM IST