Tim Cook discloses how Apple ensures data and privacy protection during earnings call

twitter-logo Nidhi Singal        Last Updated: May 2, 2018  | 18:18 IST
Tim Cook discloses how Apple ensures data and privacy protection during earnings call

The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal has led to a lot of technology companies revisiting and updating their privacy policies, while some talked about how secure their services have been. Apple belongs to the latter category.

Apple's Privacy web page states that the every Apple product is designed from the ground to protect user information - it could be the websites visited, heart rate after a run, call records, emails, messages or more. Apple further claims that it allows users to choose what information they want to share and with whom.

Responding to a question on data protection and privacy during the financial earnings call this morning,  Tim Cook, CEO, Apple Inc. explained, "We protect it by encrypting it, and we keep the bulk of information or a significant amount of information on the device so that the user is in control of it. We also collect much less overall than others do. Because if you look at our model, if we can convince you to buy an iPhone or an iPad, we'll make a little bit of money. You're not our product. And so that's how we look at that"

He further says that Apple doesn't follow this practice to benefit the company. "We view that privacy is a fundamental human right and that it's an extremely complex situation if you're a user to understand a lot of the user agreements and so forth. And we've always viewed that part of our role was to sort of make things as simple as possible for the user and provide them a level of privacy and security."

Apple has a strict policy where app developers have to agree to strict guidelines designed to protect user privacy and if any developer violates these guidelines, they have to address the issue or are removed from the App Store. On the iOS platform, every time an app wants to access personal information like photos or contacts, the user receives a prompt for the permission.

Apple is also adding a new privacy icon to iOS and macOS that appears when Apple's own apps need users personal information, which has been designed to prevent phishing attempts.


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