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Winning streak

The beginning of year 2010 was dominated by news about 3D television. The latter part of the year is seeing a big buzz about the new kid on the block-the tablet.

Sulabh Puri        Last Updated: November 27, 2010  | 15:42 IST

The era of the tablet is upon us, but frankly, our initial enthusiasm is reserved for just two of these new machines. The first is the Apple iPad, but the date for its launch in the subcontinent is as yet undecided. The other machine has just stepped in-and it is beautiful. We may be overreacting, but we think we will still go ahead and call this 5-inch wonder the Adonis of all gadgets.

The creation
Dell's Streak might sport a screen that is a couple of inches smaller than that of other tablets but it works in the device's favour. The combination of the haptic touch panel and the click volume and power keys gets the thumbs up. Being half the size of most tablets, the Streak is a very portable option. It fits perfectly in the jacket's inner pocket but will peep out from the back pocket of denims.

Work with me
This tablet packs in a powerful 1 GHz ARM processor that most new smartphones are, or will be, carrying. The 5-inch touch display is bright and very responsive. The sweep, pinch and flick work very well on the display, especially when dealing with pictures.

Dell streak 5-inch tablet
Price: TBA
Specs: 5-inch touch screen; 800 x 480 pixels resolution; 1 GHz ARM processor; 0.4-inch slim; 16 GB memory card; 5 MP camera; Wi-Fi, Bluetooth; Android OS

Why we fell for it
A good looking 5-inch tablet that combine the modern day essentials of a laptop, media player and smartphone
The Android operating system does justice to this slim tablet. There are plenty of programs pre-installed in the tablet and more can be downloaded from the Android Marketplace, the apps store. Installation of some proprietary Dell widgets would have proved useful. A 16 GB micro-SD card accommodates all the multimedia and data files.

This is no DSLR, but the 5 MP camera with dual LED flash can certainly take decent images. Slot in a GSM SIM card and watch this tablet turn into a phone as well. You can receive calls as on a cell phone-though doing so makes you look like you are holding a slim brick to your ear. Our recommendation: use the supplied headphones or purchase a Bluetooth headset if you want to make calls. The Streak connects easily to the Internet over Wi-Fi and browsing the Net is child's play. Multimedia playback isn't bad either, while the display is not too cramped for movies. Hook in the headphones and you are ready for a spot of music. The Dell Streak is a good in-between gadget for people who do not want to carry their bulky laptop and a smartphone since it does the work of both.

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