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A few of the best free digital imaging software for creating panoramas, reducing noise, adding frames or effects to images-and more.

Canon India's Vice-president Alok Bharadwaj said retail expansion, building a brand image and enhancement of services are the company's top priorities for next year.
Telecom major Motorola has slapped lawsuits against Apple for violating 18 patents related to many key technologies used in iPhone and iPad.
You can use technology not just to enhance comfort and convenience, but in these inflationary times, to save money as well.
What will the mobile device of tomorrow look like? Actually, no one really knows.
New world microsoft's upgraded browser, the internet explorer 9, is all set to prove what a net browser is actually capable of.

Microsoft Corp reports a 51% jump in net income for the July-Sept quarter of the year on the back of robust sales of windows and office software.

Indian Software firms are expected to post higher profits in the just concluded quarter led by robust volumes, particularly in terms of the US dollar.
Microsoft had last week alleged that Motorola's android-based phones violate nine Microsoft patents, covering synchronisation of email, among others.
India's IT industry reacted with anger and concern to a move by the US state of Ohio to ban all outsourcing of government projects.