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OnePlus to launch new affordable smart TVs on July 2: What we know so far

Ahead of the launch, some key information about the upcoming OnePlus smart TVs has already made its way to the web.

Sushant Talwar | June 12, 2020 | Updated 09:19 IST


  • OnePlus is all set to launch new smart TVs on July 2
  • The new smart TVs will be spread across the entry and mid-segment of the market
  • OnePlus' smart TVs will also get two new remotes

After going big in the premium segment last year, OnePlus is now planning to disrupt the entry and mid-levels of the television market like never before. The company is all set to jump into the market with affordable smart TVs that it hopes could help it get a serious foothold in the lucrative TV market in India.

OnePlus has already announced that it will be launching two new range of smart television series in this attempt. The new smart TVs will be launched on July 2, with the entry-level series teased to start at a price that'll be quite a bit cheaper than the premium OnePlus TV Q1.

Ahead of its launch, there's little that's known about the device in terms of specifications and features. Yet, there still is enough to get us excited. Here's everything we know about the new OnePlus TVs so far.

OnePlus TV: Expected price

Continuing on the price, the new OnePlus TVs have already been teased to come in two different series with the company already teasing the price of the entry-level device for the first one. In a recent tweet shared via its twitter account, OnePlus all but gave away the pricing of the entry variant model by hinting that it will start retail for less than Rs 20,000.

While not an accurate price, but it is still a good enough hint that the TV series could start retail at a very competitive price of Rs 39,999. Apart from this, it hasn't revealed anything about the more expensive series yet, however, even that is expected to not cross the Rs 40k barrier and as such come fighting in the space that companies such as Xiaomi, Vu and TCL already operate in.

New mid-range smart TV

This is something that the company has already confirmed multiple times, and something that was also repeated during an exclusive interview with India Today Tech. While the buzz is around the aggressively priced entry-level smart TV that will retail below the Rs 20,000 mark, OnePlus will also be bringing a mid-range TV that could be priced as low as Rs 35,000 but will most likely start retail for Rs 40,000.

This mid-range TV will get better specs than the entry-level TV and may also see the cross over of some premium technologies and features that were earlier seen on the OnePlus TV Q1.

To launch in two sizes

While there is no official word on this, the new OnePlus TVs could be made available in two different models with 32-inch and 43-inch display sizes. This information is based on a recent listing on Bluetooth SIG which showed two upcoming OnePlus LED TV variants with model numbers 32HA0A00 and 43FA0A00.

This would make a lot of sense considering the new OnePlus TVs will starts at an entry-level price point which is usually populated with 32-inch panel TVs, and will go up to the mid-range segment which maxes out with TVs with 43 and 50-inch panels.

New OnePlus TVs to miss out on 4K?

Although the company is yet to divulge any information on this yet, the general expectation is that the new TVs will start with a simple HD panel on the entry-level TV, and could include a Full HD panel on the more expensive mid-range one.

For now, there is no suggestion that OnePlus could surprise us and include a 4K panel in any of the new TVs. However, considering the competition in the market, it can be speculated that OnePlus may indeed decide to launch one of its mid-range TVs fitted with a 4K panel -- especially because it is also expected to be one that ships with some premium features.

OnePlus to announce new remotes

Alongside the new OnePlus LED TV models, what is also expected to be launched are two new OnePlus remotes that will accompany the new TVs. These have also been listed on Bluetooth SIG with model numbers RC-002B and RC-002C. The two remotes also support Bluetooth v5 and are expected to be for the two different series of entry and mid-range smart TVs that OnePlus will be launching on July 2.

While the two are not expected to differ much in design, the two could still bring slight differences in features they offer.

New OnePlus TVs will bring the best in design, specs and features

Speaking to India Today Tech, OnePlus' Navnit Nakra also confirmed that the new OnePlus TVs will attempt to bring the best in design, features and specifications for the price segment they come fighting in.

"Mid and entry-level segments are crucial, not only for us but for the consumer as well. Data suggests that there are millions of families that are going to be upgrading to smart TVs this year. Our focus right now is to ensure that we bring the best specs, the best design, and a great overall experience to the consumer regardless of the price bracket they are making their purchase in," he said.

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