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Oppo develops improved periscope camera that can offer better zoom levels

Oppo has a new periscope sensor that packs a better imaging sensor and the Quad Bayer filter for a better zoomed photograph.

twitter-logoShubham Verma | August 19, 2020 | Updated 10:42 IST


  • Oppo has developed a new periscope camera that can offer better optical zooms.
  • It has a Quad Bayer filter that will offer a better image quality to zoomed photos.
  • Oppo has not announced what smartphone will pack this tech.

Oppo is one of the few companies that do not just rely on other companies to come up with a technology and then copy it on their smartphones. It is an ambitious one: the one that keeps tinkering with its existing features to make them more advanced. This time Oppo is shifting its focus to improve the zoom on mobile phone cameras with a new periscope lens. We have talked about periscope lens in detail, so if you are not versed with what they are you can go check this article on how periscope cameras work.

Coming back to Oppo's innovation, it is now demonstrating a next-generation periscope camera that is just a prototype for now but may soon get implemented on a smartphone, probably from the flagship category. The latest periscope camera features a 7-element lens, which means there are seven glasses and two groups packed inside the lens that can offer a focal length from 85mm to 135mm, with a 35mm change per count. Now the focal length is pretty high for this lens, meaning the zooms will be much higher than what we are getting right now.

The aperture of the next-generation periscope camera starts at F3.3 and ends at F4.4, the latter being used at the maximum zoom. Oppo says there is a new 16-bit high-precision driver inside the lens that drives the two element-groups accurately to bring about a proper optical zoom and autofocus and optical image stabilisation, as well. Oppo is also upgrading the image quality, thanks to the bump-up to a new large sensor that has a 32-megapixel resolution and a Quad Bayer filter on top. The lens employs the new stacked imaging technique for better image quality between the focal length coverage of 85mm and 280mm (hybrid zoom).

Zoom at 85mm focal length between old sensor (left) and new sensor (right).

If the wide-angle sensor on the camera setup happens to have a 26mm lens, then the optical zoom could end up being between 3.3X and 5.2X while the hybrid zoom could be well under 11X on the new periscope camera. The camera also supports the 4-in-1 pixel binning technology and will capture full-HD resolution photos from any kind of zoom level, the company has said.

If all of that sounds too technical, here is a simple explanation. Oppo's new periscope camera can get farther when zooming to capture far-off objects more clearly. Unlike the previous sensors, the image quality will be good with the help of the new periscope camera. Not that you will use periscope camera a lot, but it will be good to have it for when a good and high zoom is needed.

Oppo is not telling what smartphone will feature the new periscope camera but it has a successor to the Reno 10X Zoom in tow. According to the TENAA listing of the upcoming smartphone, there will be an upgraded periscope camera, a 6.5-inch 90Hz display, support for 5G networks, and a 3945mAh battery. Oppo could also unveil the 125W Flash Charge technology with this upcoming device.

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