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PUBG Mobile 2 release tipped for next week, India launch unlikely

PUBG Mobile was confirmed recently to enter a new setting with a new environment for maps, weapons, and vehicles.

twitter-logoShubham Verma | February 24, 2021 | Updated 16:37 IST


  • PUBG Mobile 2 could be on the verge of its debut, per a leak.
  • The PUBG Mobile 2 will be set in the year 2051 with drones and futuristic gadgets.
  • PUBG Mobile creators previously confirmed there will be more games.

PUBG Mobile universe is due for an expansion. The creators of PUBG IP, Bluehole, which is now a part of South Korea's Krafton, had previously confirmed the second edition of PUBG Mobile, a survival horror game based on the PUBG Mobile theme, and an animated series. They, however, did not say anything about the launch timeframes for these upcoming entities. But we may have been tipped with the latest information that claims to have a launch date and some key features of what is dubbed PUBG Mobile 2.

In a tweet, PlayerIGN said PUBG Mobile 2 may be launched as early as next week. This means we are looking at a time frame around March 3. The user has sourced information from a now-deleted Weibo post, the screenshots of which confirm a few things about the game. The PUBG Mobile 2 is said to be set in the year 2051, which gives off the vibe of a post-apocalyptic world that we have seen mostly in movies. On the flip side, it could be a world that is similar to that in the animated series of Jetsons. I am not sure at this point but thrilled to know that PUBG Mobile is taking this interesting leap in terms of locations. There will be futuristic gadgets, weaponry, and vehicles in the game, along with new map styles.

Among these new elements will be drones and deployable bunkers that will make the game feel like never before. Currently, you have terrestrial vehicles to hover around a place. A drone will either carry the player or be used with a weapon integrated to it, or could even be used just for surveillance. The battle royale mode, as we know it, will have a reimagined mechanism that players will need to get used to first. This is good news for rookies who are often outplayed by veterans in the game because they are not aware of the entire skillset.

The tipster said in the tweet that the PUBG Mobile 2 will be available on both Android and iOS platforms at the launch. This is an important feat against Epic Games' Fortnite that is banned on Google Play Store and the Apple's App Store over their policies that the developer does not agree with. Krafton has not said anything on the launch timelines yet. Although PlayerIGN has a good track record when it comes to leaks like this, it is advisable you take this information with a pinch of salt. The original PUBG Mobile version is going to enter the new season next month when Runic Power will be over. And the game has a massive adoption rate globally.

For now, it is not clear if PUBG Mobile 2 will come to India. The arrival of this upcoming game in India will rely on whether the game has any Chinese connections. And even if there are none, Krafton will have to get a nod from the Indian government. The current situation depicts the stalemate between PUBG Corporation (unit of Krafton) and the Indian government over the launch of PUBG Mobile India, which is a censored version of the smash-hit PUBG Mobile. The Indian government banned PUBG Mobile last year over security fears following the skirmish between India and China at the Galwan Valley. This action is often perceived as India's retaliation for the incident involving China. PUBG Mobile's publisher is Tencent Games, a Chinese company that worked with PUBG Corporation for the game. Later, PUBG Corporation severed its ties with Tencent Games for publishing rights in India but in vain. PUBG Mobile India is still seeking approval to enter India.

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