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PUBG Mobile Lite 0.18.0 update brings refresh Varenga map, cable cars, and new weapons

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.18.0 update is available to download on Android phones as a toned-down alternative to PUBG Mobile.

twitter-logoShubham Verma | July 23, 2020 | Updated 14:22 IST


  • PUBG Mobile Lite 0.18.0 update is now rolling out on Android.
  • The update brings an unlocked northwest area of Varenga map with new weapons.
  • There are new visual improvements and other minor additions made to the game.

PUBG Mobile Lite has turned one and the company is marking the occasion by rolling out a new update. The PUBG Mobile Lite is getting the 0.18.0 update that brings the uncharted northwest areas of the Varenga map and adds a host of new weapons, cable cars, and 3D model displays of vehicles.

The 0.18.0 update for PUBG Mobile Lite is now rolling out to players on Android worldwide. To update, users need to visit the Google Play Store and install the latest version on their devices. The game is meant for low-end Android devices, so if your phone has 1GB RAM, PUBG Mobile Lite is what you can use as an alternative to PUBG Mobile.

The PUBG Mobile Lite 0.18.0 version now unlocks the Arena map, besides the ruins in the northwest region that looks it has been freshly excavated. The map had been dropping Easter eggs ahead of the rollout of the new regions for the Varenga map. A major addition to the map is the cable cars that allow the player's movement from one point to another within limited areas. Players can have a bird's eye view from the top when they are inside the cable car.

The tunnels under the Southern mountains now have large areas that players can navigate and explore through for loots. Apart from some recent elements, the update also adds various visual enhancements to the game. The map also adds the feature to let players redeem gold, special vouchers, and a feature for direct cash.

For example, the in-game lobby backgrounds have been redesigned while spawn island has a new layout. Players can also see 3D models of vehicles and parachutes. The pass page in the game has also been remodelled with the update as the developers are celebrating the one-year anniversary of PUBG Mobile Lite. The Daily Mission System has been recalibrated to allow players to check their popularity rankings easier than before.

Another notable addition is of new weaponry, which includes P90 and MP5K submachine guns. The former will only be available within the Arena while the latter can be availed in the Classic mode in the game. The submachine guns, including the new ones, can have the pistol attachments, as well. The Arena mode itself is getting several improvements, such as an integrated vault, sliding function, and an indicator for grenades. The M16 rifle stock is also available with the update.

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