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Realme hints at new phone camera design with new patent

Realme has patented a new phone in China that shows a new camera design is coming soon.

twitter-logoShubham Verma | November 30, 2020 | Updated 17:10 IST


  • Realme has patented a new smartphone with new camera design.
  • The design encompasses an oval-shaped module with circular, rectangular cutouts.
  • This device could be the same as the one spotted on US FCC.

Realme is apparently working on a new smartphone that brings a new camera design. The Oppo offshoot introduced the square-shaped and rectangular camera modules for its smartphones earlier this year and it might now be looking to bring about the next change. This new device has been shown off in a fresh patent filed by Realme in China, which has leaked online to suggest the new camera design.

According to a report by Chinese publication ITHome, the patent was spotted by some bloggers in China on the concerned authority website. The most interesting thing to notice on the outlined diagrams of this Realme device is the new oval-shaped camera module. There are four diagonally-placed circular cutouts on this module while a large, rectangular cutout.

There is no detailing of these cutouts but going by the pure guess I am making, the two big circles will house cameras while the other two small circles will be for LED flash. The rectangular one could be for laser auto-focus. Normally, such a design is used for periscope lenses but this smartphone is speculated to be a budget device.

That is because the patent shows the Realme device having a Micro-USB port on the bottom. A mid-range device today, the one that sells for Rs 12,000 in India, comes with a USB-C port. As for Realme, its Rs 10,000 phones now come with 18W fast charging, facilitated by the USB-C port but since only its entry-level phones do not come with that feature, the Micro-USB port is better suited.

The Realme device has a thick chin at the bottom, which also alludes to it being a budget phone. The smartphone has a power button on the right side. It looks flat, which means it could come with an embedded fingerprint sensor, another hint that the device could belong to the affordable segment. There is a volume rocker, as well on the same side as the power button. But interestingly, the Realme phone has one more button on the left side, which could be mapped to trigger Google Assistant, much like how it is on Nokia handsets.

Now, the presence of the Google Assistant button can mean two things. Either Realme is experimenting with the design and features with this device or this device could be the first Android Go device that Realme might introduce. For now, there is no clarity on this but things will become clearer over the next couple of days.

A few days Realme was reported to be working on a handset that has been certified on the US FCC website. This device is listed to come with a 5000mAh battery and three rear cameras. Information is scarce on this handset but the listing revealed a third aspect that pointed out this device could belong to the affordable range. This device is listed with the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band, which is found in low-cost devices.

It could be possible that these two devices that Realme is currently associated with are the same. In which case, it will be available globally, including the Indian market where demand for entry-level and budget devices is high. Realme's latest smartphone in India is the Realme 7i. Ever since its launch, the company has not launched any device but it is expected to bring the Realme X7 series early next year. The Realme X7 series comprises X7 and X7 Pro, both featuring support for 5G connectivity. With Realme X7 series, the company will democratise the next-generation high-speed wireless connectivity.

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