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Redmi Note 7 Pro battery explodes in Gurugram, Xiaomi explains the reason behind it

A Redmi Note 7 Pro user in Gurugram reported an exploded battery case while normal usage. Xiaomi has explored the issue already and is providing full support to the user.

twitter-logoAmritanshu Mukherjee | March 16, 2020 | Updated 13:23 IST


  • A Redmi Note 7 Pro unit of a person in Gurugram exploded.
  • The phone put the manís bag on fire but it did not harm the user.
  • Xiaomi says the phone was physically damaged before the explosion.

Exploding batteries in smartphones is not a new phenomenon we have seen several reports of phones from big smartphone companies caught exploding in front of the CCTV footage. While the reasons may vary for each of these cases, the latest one in this regard involves Xiaomi and its popular Redmi Note 7 Pro from last year. According to recent media reports, a man's Redmi Note 7 Pro exploded, burning his backpack along with damaging the phone. The man was luckily unhurt.

As 91Mobiles reports, the man known as Vikesh Kumar, had his phone battery charged 90 per cent when he reached his office. Kumar reported that he felt the phone's temperature rising sharply in his pocket. As soon as he took the phone out of his pocket, he saw the phone emit smoke. He quickly threw the phone towards his bag during which the phone exploded and caught fire. Kumar says that the phone also put his bag on fire and it rendered fire extinguishers useless.

Afterwards, Kumar headed to the nearest Xiaomi service center and he was unhappy with the resolution. Kumar posted on his social media timeline that the Xiaomi service center started blaming him for the explosion and they asked to pay him 50 per cent of the cost for a replacement unit. Kumar assures that he has been using his phone with the original bundled charger. The phone was purchased in December 2019.

After Xiaomi was reported of this issue, the company issued a statement saying the phone was already damaged physically and that led to the explosion. Xiaomi did not give the exact details as to how the phone exploded but it said, The case has been resolved amicably with the customer, ensuring full satisfaction of the consumer. We deeply care for our consumers and are providing all necessary assistance.

This is not the first instance involving an exploding Xiaomi phone. Over the last few years, there have been several instances when several Xiaomi phone users have reported exploding phones. In the majority of cases, it was always found that either the customer was using an unauthorised third-party charging adapter or caused physical damage to the phone which in turn led to the explosion.

Hence, Xiaomi and all other phone makers advise their customers to use genuine accessories authorised by them instead of local third-party units. Users should stick to the supplied charger with the phone and buy a genuine one from the stores if the original doesn't work anymore.

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