Review: Sony NWZ B172F

Great sound but no glamour.

twitter-logoNidhi Singal | August 22, 2017 | Updated 13:50 IST

Rs 2,990
Specs: 3-line display, 2GB memory, 5+5mW output, mp3, wma; USB; 28 gm.

The key to success in the tech space is innovation. But the NWZ B172F makes us wonder what's new in this portable music player. Slightly bigger in dimensions, the design looks similar to the ones launched in 2009.

A small display and a circular rocker (which moves a bit and comes back to the position) dominate the front. The rest of the controls can be found at the top or the bottom with a clip at the back. A cap on the extreme right hides the USB.

Most PMPs have music player and FM radio onboard and the case is no different with this Sony. Preset options automatically lists the FM channels while they can also be selected using the manual setting. Thankfully, Sony has maintained its brand name by adding quality music output. There wasn't any distortion while playing the FM but it's difficult to wear the earplug at full volume. The PMP also doubles as a dictaphone that can be used to record even FM radio. There is also Zappin feature that comes across as an easy way to search a song. Pressing the Zap key once starts playing the next track for a few seconds. When you have found the song you want, just press the Zap key again to select the track. But this isn't a new feature as it has been present on earlier Walkman players as well.

There is no microUSB port for charging as the USB can be plugged to the PC to charge. When plugged in, the player cannot be used. A single charge lasts close to 16 hours of music.

BAG IT OR JUNK IT? Great sound but no glamour.

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