Toshiba P2305 TV brings a cricket field on a flat panel

Toshiba has made what it calls the 'World's First Cricket TV, co-created with Sachin Tendulkar'.

twitter-logo Nidhi Singal        Last Updated: November 28, 2013  | 17:00 IST
Toshiba P2305 brings a cricket field on flat panel

Price: Rs 39,000
Specs: 39 inch Full HD display (1920 x 1080); 2 x HDMI; PC input; optical audio out; Cricket Mode; 10w x 2 speaker; built in sound bar; USB; ambient light sensor

If you are a sports fanatic and love soccer, cricket or even golf; anything that has a green grass field, you should consider this. Toshiba has made what it calls the 'World's First Cricket TV, co-created with Sachin Tendulkar'.

The company claims the 'Cricket Mode' on the TV reveals fast action motion better and has a brightness which enhances the contours and sharpness of objects. The cricket ball and the pitch are more distinct and the grass is seen in its natural texture. The Toshiba cricket series has an Active Motion Rate image-processing technology that increases the panel refresh rate and the video processing speed which in turn reduce motion blur. We tested this by playing the GTA IV and Company of Heroes 2. Motion blur and picture loss are comparatively low.

You notice small cosmetic changes right away. The Toshiba logo has been moved from centre of the bezel to the bottom left of the sound bar underneath the bezel. The sound bar also has a ring on the right side which illuminates when the power is on. Although this had us confused at first, all it does is tell you your TV is on. One thing that makes the Toshiba Cricket Series TV stand out is Sachin Tendulkar's signature on the TV.

The slim silver sound bar is packed with 20W (2 X 10) audio output. The Audio Distortion Control (ADC) minimises sound distortion when the volume is high by suppressing the distortion of individual frequencies. There is also a Spectrum Analyser that shows audio reproduction at different frequencies and amplitude levels through a graphic display.

The 39" P2305 is a Full HD TV with 1920 X 1080 resolution.The blacks are deeper and the colour contrast is sharp. The TV uses 3D colour management to create an image balance, and reproduces high colour quality. The HD videos looked nothing short of stunning, enhanced immensely by the TV's deep blacks and balanced colours.

There are multiple connectivity options like the USB plug and play that supports 28 movie formats, 2 Composite video ins, a single PC in and an LR Audio out. But the TV has only 2 HDMI ports which is a bit of a disappointment. Most other TVs come with 3 or more HDMI ports to connect your set top box, blu-ray player and an additional third device.

Cricket or no cricket, the pictures look good.

Panasonic TH-L39B6D

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