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Sony a7S Mark III may get S-Cinetone color profile via firmware update

Sony will soon release a firmware update for its a7S Mark III camera. The update will bring S-Cinetone colour profile to the camera.

Pavni Jain | February 23, 2021 | Updated 12:51 IST


  • Sony will soon release a firmware update for Sony a7S Mark III.
  • The update will bring S-Cinetone colour profile on Sony a7S Mark III.
  • S-Cinetone look was first witnessed on Sony FX9 Cinema Line camera.

Sony a7S Mark III was launched in India for Rs 3,34,990 in October. The camera aims at filmmakers with 4K video recording capabilities. The a7S Mark III is equally worthwhile for photographers. It equips a 12.1-megapixel 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor. The camera is powered by a BIONZ XR image processor.

In the recent news, Sony is now adding the S-Cinetone look to a7S Mark III through a version 2.00 firmware update. S-Cinetone is the company's default look for its film style cameras. This look was first witnessed on Sony FX9 Cinema Line camera. In fact, Sony included S-Cinetone and Creative Look in the recently launched Sony Alpha 1 mirrorless camera as well.

As reported by Sony Alpha Rumors, the company "sent out a newsletter saying that a new firmware update would be launched very soon to add S-Cinetone on your A7sIII." The newsletter was sent out too early by Sony Nordic, Northern Europe.

For the unversed, S-Cinetone is a combination of a gamma curve called "original" and a matrix called "S-Cinetone". S-Cinetone produces a film-like look that is customised for video productions. If users want then they can mix different gamma curves with the S-Cinetone matrix for different colours to go well with the mood of the scene you are shooting.

Sony thoroughly explains its S-Cinetone colour profile here. It states, "The base curve of S-Cinetone is BT.709, but it adopted some essences of film-tone. It has high contrast tone in the low luminance levels and low contrast tone in the high luminance levels. The black level is lower than s709 and STD5 (R709)."

The email does not reveal as when the company will release the new version 2.00 firmware update. In other news, Sony will launch a new Cinema Line camera, which may be called FX3, today on February 23. The FX3 will probably be the most compact camera of the company's Cinema Line series.

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