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Spotify brings in refreshed look for iOS users in its latest update

Spotify has come with refreshed updates for iOS users. This is mainly to enhance user-experience –The refreshed app shows three fairly noticeable alterations – the Shuffle play button, grouping of icons and viewing charts

twitter-logoYasmin Ahmed | February 28, 2020 | Updated 13:10 IST
(Source: Reuters)


  • Spotify has come up with an updated design to enhance user-experience
  • The update has only been made for iOS users as of now
  • The main purpose of the update is to simplify the app for the users

Spotify has come up with a refreshed look. The audio streaming platform has tweaked its design and bettered its interface to enhance user experience. Spotify on Thursday announced that the updates are being made for iOS users.

Both Free and Premium subscribers will benefit from a more streamlined, easy-to-use interface with fresh designs to actionable icons that will make playing your favourite song or playlist as simple as the tap of a button, Spotify said in a press release.

For starters, the refreshed design has brought in a universal Shuffle Play button.

The Shuffle Play button will help you play songs by just tapping on them once. It will save you a click by letting you tap once to start the shuffling after which it will start playing.

The music app also has done a grouping of sorts. Action buttons like download, like and play have now been placed together at the bottom of the screen. Previously, they were spaced out throughout the interface. In Spotify's words, the new row is a one stop shop for everything you'll ever want to do one-handed ''

The grouping of action buttons makes it easier for a user to conveniently use the app with one hand, as all the buttons will be placed in proximity. Previously, this was a task to do as apps would be spread out across the screen. This was designed to make the experience more adaptive and keeping in mind the size of the device as well.

Moreover, Spotify has tried to make the app more appealing visually. The new version will display a cover art for all charts in all views except in the Album View. In this a way, you do not have to read the track of the chart. By just seeing the cover art, it can be guessed which song you wish to listen. Moreover, the liked tracks will be displayed on the right. This will help you recognise the songs you may have previously liked or song of familiar genre.

For premium users, downloading for listening without Wi-Fi has a new icon. The one which was also designed for podcast.

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