8-month pregnant Google employee who got fired right before her maternity leave: Couldn’t stop my shaky hands

8-month pregnant Google employee who got fired right before her maternity leave: Couldn’t stop my shaky hands

Google fired an eight-month pregnant woman as part of its massive layoffs that were announced recently. The woman shared her experience on LinkedIn and said that while she would love to be open to work, she will be focusing on herself and her baby for now.

Google shook the world when it announced its decision to fire 12,000 employees globally, in order to cut costs. The company's CEO, Sundar Pichai, announced the layoffs recently and took 'full responsibility' for the same. As soon as news got out, impacted employees began receiving emails about the same and started sharing their experiences on social media. Among these people is Katherine Wong, a program manager who got fired by Google right before she was about to take her maternity leave.

Eight month pregnant woman impacted by Google layoffs

At eight months pregnant, the news of layoffs came as a shock to Katherine. Sharing her disbelief, she wrote on LinkedIn, "It was wonderful to know that I'm one week closer to seeing my baby after completing a comprehensive handover doc before I take my leave as a Program Manager. However, the moment I checked my phone, my heart sank. I am one of the 12,000 impacted."

She then added how she is not in a position to look for a job now because she is eight months pregnant. "It is almost impossible for me to look for a job as a 34-week pregnant and right about to go on maternity leave for months," Katherine wrote.

However, she won't let her negative emotions take over because of her little one who needs to be taken care of. "I did not let my negative emotions take over as I have a little one inside that needed to be taken care of, but I could not control my shaky hands. It is such a mixed feeling," she added.

Ending the post on a bittersweet note, Katherine wrote that even though she wants to start looking for a job, she won't be able to do so since she needs to focus on the pregnancy and her baby.

Sundar Pichai's message to employees

In his letter to employees, Sundar Pichai also said that the company will fully support its employees during this difficult transition. The impacted employees in the US will be getting full salary for their notice period, a severance package starting at 16 weeks' salary plus two weeks for every additional year at the company, and bonuses and other benefits as per their respective contracts. As for employees outside the US, they will be compensated as per their country's laws.

"As an almost 25-year-old company, we're bound to go through difficult economic cycles. These are important moments to sharpen our focus, reengineer our cost base, and direct our talent and capital to our highest priorities," he added.

Published on: Jan 22, 2023, 11:22 AM IST
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